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Dec 29 2010

"Fuck! If I don't get to the mother fucking flower show, I'm gonna fucking kill someone!"

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Karen's notes: Ah, such passion for flowers. A sure sign of a delicate soul.

(From the nest-egg.)


  1. re: yesterday's post - today's google ad is for!!!

  2. patience is one of the
    greates virtues
    and I'm not mocking anyone
    just sayin ffs,
    the flowers are sleeping right

    as soon as spring comes
    or whatever season when winter's gone
    those motherfucking flowers will
    do they best
    to bathe anyone
    or everyone in themselves
    on fields and other etceteras.

    and even though not everyone is
    like most people, nature's rules
    hold for everyone, period

  3. Why do I suddenly want to garden?

  4. A Wednesday Rewind could be ones with the most cuss words in it! This would be a frontrunner for sure!

  5. I suggest this as the ad campaign for the Philadelphia Flower show. Given some of the ad campaigns launched by Greater Philadelphia Tourism and Marketing Board, this wouldn't be the worst. They could even combine it with their "With Love, Philadelphia" campaign quite easily: "Fuck! If I don't get to the mother fucking flower show, I'm gonna fucking kill someone! With Love, Killadelphia."

  6. wow get that man his remote and let him watch his flower show!!!!

  7. OMG :D

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  8. He has now turned to flower shows :)


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