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Oct 11 2009

[with disgust] "Stupid fucking fishcakes."

Wife's note: This gem of wisdom was uttered while Adam dozed next to me on the sofa one evening. I was Skyping with our good friend Russ at the time, so I have a witness.


  1. Yup, I heard it. Brilliant stuff. -Russ

  2. baobao would you please FUCK OFF, every bloody post youve put this spam you wanker. Jeez

    But back on topic here, I LOVE this blog and will be buying a T-Shirt, probably the Duck swing one :-)

  3. Thank you Scotty! I began to think I was hallucinating because that stupid fucktard keeps posting his spam and no one else seems to notice it lol.

  4. Yes, I have to agree.... that Baobao is a lame fuck with his stupid ass postings....
    Love your blog....funny as hell.... I think I'd go for the duck t-shirt too!

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  8. "Stupid fucking fishcakes."

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    This gem of wisdom was uttered while Adam dozed next to me on the sofa one evening.

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