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Apr 10 2010

"You can tell that turkey when it comes back here that it's not welcome. You tell it gooooood."

"I am one red-hot leather clad monster basher. Bashing is my business."

"Here I am! Perfection on two legs."


  1. Um, the last two are CLEARLY about Buffy...

  2. I think I want to see Adam in red and black leather. Sounds hot.

  3. I'm going to start using that last one in real life. To announce my arrival wherever I go. hahahahaha

    LOVE IT!

  4. Don't forget his leather chaps - not during windy days though.

  5. That last one definitely needs to be a shirt!

  6. Didn't get here yesterday - yeah, the Skypeing seems to be working!

    LOL Anon at 14:18! That's right, STM already has some leather apparel...

    The turkey one cracks me up. I really love the nonsensical ones.

  7. The last one would be adorable on a onesie!

  8. Prof. ZzzMAN-ylizer10 April 2010 at 15:51

    Atypical dreamstyle to perfecting that the Monster Mash Bash,
    "You can tell that turkey when it comes back here that it's not welcome. You tell it gooooood." for making an entrance with red-hot leathers as if "Here I am! would be all it takes to being the life of the party,

    ( overheard in the restrooms by a patron with disdain...
    "Perfection on two legs", hardly. Think i should get a better getup, Molly?
    ahh, yes. Come with me, hotdiggetydoggie...
    we'll see...
    get you into a great outfit i your 2 legged trick i taught youuuuuu =)

  9. professor, do you walk around talking like this? :-P

  10. "Here I am! Perfection on two legs."
    That's so going on a shirt!

  11. Prof. ZzzMAN-ylizer10 April 2010 at 18:34

    i profess, i don't know the analyzer you speak of...snores a lot in daydreaming (maybe ask daydreamersdaughter, or whoeverelse monikers itself spinning webtales or whatnots, because...ADAM started it... and sleeps about it now and again, i tink dat the sleepingman taunts us to do wacky things we don't remember the next day)'s catchin' out...gutwrenching requires tuneup, now and then.

  12. This comment has been removed by the author.

  13. Um... I don't get it. Was that an answer? xD

  14. I agree - the last one would be great on a onesie!

  15. Haha I love the Monster Basher.

  16. Absolutely a new shirt slogan!!

  17. I AGREE!!!
    "Here I am! Perfection on two legs."
    Has to be put on a t- shirt!

  18. Prof. ZzzMAN-ylizer11 April 2010 at 03:56

    Hi Erika...maybe not the best answer it was, but another word association in progress based on the fanbase and such...some fans add drawings, others add their viewpoints, then many add their connections with how sleepAdam gives that gibbles of giggles for the day, i just strangely use STM wordings in a mishmash to create something odd that doesn't quite make sense other than it's just silly strings that pop in to type and typos a lot when i rush to send before checkin...

    oh well, a quick add-on to an add-another
    fan= tasy into the mix, that's pretty well it to a short and rarely long-now storyboard, not serious stuff as overboard was a trip i took a while back ;) just lighthearted fun, keepin' in mind, one humor a day keeps the Dr. away so to say.

    No more or less, just words that STM throws to us keeps us in stitches, and with many meanings from the words he says is fun, just flights of fancy in fan fiction...

    i believe i would be quite the bad english teacher with my use of language interpretation, just don't give me too many words...i may wrap them up into a ball and roll out the door with a carpet full of letters no one knows what to do with, stamped to approval in a stampede of all sizes...mine is size 8...oops...tmi...byenow.

  19. The monster-bashing quote definitely needs to be on a t-shirt.

  20. NewMexicanAnnie11 April 2010 at 08:08

    Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww....... ADAM! Turkeys are welcome, especially if they bring their friends stuffing, cranberries, corn, and pie. :D

  21. Perfection on two legs...another t shirt please!!!

  22. Prof. Z, you do make me smile!

    First time I got here before the next day's post - keep forgetting that we're on US time for now!

  23. LOL! STM has gotten his confidence back! =D

  24. Prof. ZzzMAN-ylizer11 April 2010 at 14:35

    to too 2manywhiskers zzzZ, i thought i heard a kitty smile in my sleep...this morning i woke up to whisker wasn't from sleepingadamtalk, where time is fleeting and time is as time will be...

    for some; sumtymes, either not enough... 2, toomuch time on our hands, a toss up to littering kittentalk where the world stands still...

    and lookin' out into the Window on the,
    i feel like a kittencat....glad you smiled...

    that's 1 point!
    to scritchy-scratchy to a catchy laugh :)
    Adamtastic!...Badgerly good.

    tiktiktiktik...MeowMix please.

  25. Well, enjoy that MeowMix! And the word-balls, too. Better than hairballs. :)

  26. @prof... don't what was said to deserve deletion (though can guess) as I'm late to this conversation... but after weeks of skipping your non-sequiturialness, i have to admit it's growing on me. don't know if i'm catching on or drinking the same special kool-aid/LSD mix... either way... don't waste your time with the trolls.. once you feed them it's near impossible to wash off the smell.

  27. I just may, if I'm ever really bored, install MegaHAL and put all of STM's utterances into it.

  28. Prof. ZzzMAN-ylizer12 April 2010 at 14:41

    hey Marisa et al...i just read your post just now-of yesterya...(that's today of before) and learned a new word that i didn't know existed to here and there of...

    another learning lesson about sequitur that nogganed-onto-my-knoggan and i think that it cud fit...

    there is a word for this strange b3hav!or?...i thought it was tall tales in my google discovery journey...i'll have to add that into my resume here...

    fired, hired, let go, booted, reeled back in again, rolled out, hid under the desk, even tried clawing on all 4's under the pull drawer, but that didn't last long...ladeedaadeeedoooo.mewmewmewmewmew... thankyou for your analysis at the Ex-hibition, oh... punchbuggynoreturn,yurit.whoooooooosh...

  29. Seriously, Prof. ZzzMAN-ylizer ruins the entire comment section EVERY DAY. It kills the blog. Get a life Prof. ZzzMAN-ylizer, and admin- delete his future comments, or you're going to lose readers based on the ANNOYING level. If your husband is in advertising, you should know this.

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  31. maybe sleep talking man sleep silently if he got enough oxygen
    A little more energy a little more light
    A little less oxygen a little less life
    16% and counting down …tic toc
    15% = no terran human life

    and sam ....pleeeeeeeeeeease...japanese goth is just a bad look and bombing itself...if yoiu want a winning look ...look to dragons, lizards, cootie bugs and fairy princesses

  32. gave Melatonin a shot before and didn't find it to help much with getting to sleep. Helps with physical fatigue