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Sep 13 2010

"Well, if it's good for the goose, the gander can just go suck my balls."

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Karen's notes: For those who are utterly baffled, Google, "good for the goose idiom".


  1. That doesn't sound very pleasant... or safe =O

  2. My grandmother had poultry. I know geese. I've been around geese. I've had my seven year old person chased up trees by geese.

    Even though I personally have never experienced it, nor do I ever want to, having your balls sucked by a goose sounds like you something you would not only get no enjoyment from! You most likely would experience a great deal of pain, and the sort of damage no surgery can fix!

  3. I love the saying... but actually doing it, nyet. though I don't think I can have kids, to many bike accidents when I was a kid. I'm also used to pain of some kind, but that kind of pain I try and shy away from.

  4. Already STM is the second hit on google when searching "good for the goose idiom". :)

  5. Hilariously horrifying.

  6. A particularly nasty way of getting goosed, indeed..... 7X=Q

  7. Classic turn on a common saying. I love the cavalier/bad-ass enunciation he adopts in the second part of this. It's oh so fitting, and extra comical with his british accent.

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