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Especially the desire to exterminate all vegetarians (but he does hate lentils.)


Oct 2 2010

"I wanna put a dog in charge. They don't start wars. They just want love. And to sniff bums. Yeah, sniff bums. Sniff."

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Karen's notes: No talking last night, this is from the nest egg.

What a wonderful knack STM has for resolving the world's most complex problems with the simplest solutions. If only he ruled us all.


  1. love the giggling yeah...too funny

  2. If STM ruled the world, the vegetarians would have to go into hiding!


    ..... i think you could pull a quote or two from STM and add it to that site :)

    always such a pleasure to wake up to your hilarity each morning!!

  4. Wasn't there some dictator or something somewhere at some time that actually DID want to put his dog in charge when he died? His advisers told him yes on his deathbed, but then put someone else in charge after he died.

    I might be messing up the details, but I thought I heard that somewhere. (Or did I just make that up?)

  5. Unfortunately I think alot of countries DO have dogs in charge.... politicians who manage to get laid but don't do anything constructive

  6. I vote Molly for President of the US and Prime Minister of the UK. Everyone has to do a daily bum sniff to be part of Congress or Parliament.

  7. Except, of course, for us vegetarians and lentil-lovers!

  8. @Emily,

    It was the ancient Roman emperor Caligula that wanted to put a HORSE in charge after he died. Close I suppose :) Horses still want love too... and food. Who doesn't want food? :D

  9. please put this on a shirt!!!!!!!!!!!
    we're having elections in massive2shits (massachusettes)

  10. My American bulldog endorses this new form of government, dog-ocracy. He believes a platform of more breakfast and dinner times through out the day and a robust schedule of walking where people pet you and give you treats, interspersed with frequent napisodes would be a winning platform. Vote for Buster!

  11. @Anon at 17:42:

    Actually, Caligula made his horse, Incitatus, a Senator - and would have made him a Consul; but he was dissuaded by the rest of the Senate, who pointed out that the horse didn't have the proper financial qualifications for the office....

    As for dogs not starting wars: well, they've never had a chance to. Who knows? We might find ourselves blundering into the Hundred Years' War against the Squirrels....... 7@=Q

  12. I would buy this on a tee shirt!

  13. I'm curious about the brilliant things he thinks of when he's actually awake.