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Jan 18 2011

"I'll buy the cow and put it on the roof. High-rise farming is gonna be MY invention."

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"I can see your future. And— Oh. You just had the best bit."
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And for those with too much free time, this is what I found on the recording from the very beginning of the night. Adam has obviously found himself a delightful new amusement. There was a full
12 minutes of this.

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Readers who can't listen to audio for this, I'm so sorry, but it is just way too long and non-sensible to transcribe. Suffice it to say that Adam catches me in the state where you are dreaming just barely awake, and he keeps me talking rubbish as long as he can.


  1. OMG!! It's contagious - no one is safe!

  2. Aw bless you! You've caught the bug too!

  3. Aw, you two are so cute. :-)

  4. Sorry STM, High rise farming is NOT your idea as it was first done to our knowledge in the 19th century in Leeds. Temple Works, a flax mill was built on Marshall Street Leeds in 1841 with a flat roof. The roof was grassed over to keep the flax moist and sheep were kept up there until 1886 when the mill burnt down. I'm Leeds born and bred and know a bit about the city.

    They say there's nothing new under the sun.............

  5. seriously, that is awesome information! - adam

  6. Sometimes I'm able to influence my girlfriend's dreams. This was hilarious and adorable to listen to.

  7. I can't get the audio to work. Is anyone else having problems?

  8. I have to say Adam has an infectious laugh. swapping numbers to have them train each other.... priceless.

  9. Aw... Can't get audio to work. I've never had a problem before.

  10. Nope, audio not working. I NEED AUDIO!


  12. Adam giggling just does me in. Every time.

  13. OMG - this sounds like me when I am half asleep - and my husband does the exact same thing to me! Thanks for making me know I am not alone.


  15. The audio isn't working at all, this is unusual. The usual audio bar isn't showing up and the link leads me to nowhere!

  16. you are so utterly adorable!! I do this in my sleep apparently

  17. Same issue as Jennifer--the audio bar doesn't show up and the link doesn't bring up audio either. I'm on a PC.

  18. Same as Jennifer. I'm using Firefox on a PC.

  19. I can't get it to work either. I tried Firefox and Internet Explorer, and both their respective newest versions. I'm on a PC.

  20. This never happened to me before...neither option works. The player stays silent and doesn't play. The link yields "Service Unavailble."

    I'm Marilyn and I'm a PC (well, laptop, actually).

    @Anonymous Leeds person: that was fascinating. Thank you for sharing.

  21. I agree with everyone who commented on Adam's giggles... Every time he laughs, I crack up. I love the banter between the two of you, asleep as well as awake apparently. You guys make me smile ever single day, all the way across the Atlantic (I'm in West Palm Beach, FL), and for that I thank you!

  22. Hmm..... sounded like "Twenty-Seventh and...."

    Broadway, perhaps? 7@=Q

  23. I would like to have listened to the whole 12 mins tho.. that was seriously funny!

  24. i'm using firefox 3.6.12 and the audio works. and is it just me or does karen sound so sad that adam isn't understanding her? :P

  25. Greetings from Southern California :-)

    I added myself to follow your blog. You are more than welcome to visit mine and become a follower if you want to.

    God Bless You, ~Ron

  26. G'day from Australia =]

    I had a good chuckle at the high rise farming comment as I think it directly related to the cow found on a house roof after the Queensland floods started to subside.. (God bless the people affected by the floods x)

    Keep up the good work - STM always manages to get a giggle (sometimes a belly laugh) from me!

    Cheers ~Lesley

  27. I love that this time we heard Karen saying all of the odd things and Adam gets to laugh at her. It's only fair that the tables were turned.

  28. Using Firefox on a PC, the audio works perfectly.

    And I'd LOVE to hear the whole audio (and waste away 12 minutes of my life laughing frantically... it was awesome!)

  29. 1) I can't get the audio to work, on mac firefox or camino...
    and 2) - you guys have competition!!!

  30. You know you have too much time on your hands when... I tried to transcribe it before work this morning for people who can't get the audio... hope that's ok?
    Karen – there are 27 and… no
    Adam – Go back to sleep. The counting, there are 20?
    Karen – 7
    Adam – 27?
    Karen – Ha, a-ha
    Adam – 27 what?
    Karen – I don’t know. I don’t know what it was.
    Adam – Sniggers
    Karen – It’s not funny, but, I can’t help it
    Adam – (still laughing)
    Karen – I know what I mean
    Adam – (still laughing) I’m so pleased for you
    Karen – I know what I mean. I want oreos.
    Adam – What? (still laughing)
    Karen – Oreos!
    Adam – Now?
    Karen – Noooo.
    Adam – Nooo.
    Karen – Mmmm
    Adam – mmm?
    Karen – Maybe.
    Adam – You don’t want an oreo now? Surely?
    Karen – No, ok
    Adam – It’s Late.
    Karen – But
    Adam – what? But?
    Karen – I was thinking about trading the numbers.
    Adam – You were thinking about training the numbers?
    Karen – laughs - Trading
    Adam – What? Trading?
    Karen – Yeah.
    Adam – What, for what?
    Karen – each other
    Adam – They were talking about trading each other?
    Karen – Noooo. The numbers
    Adam – what numbers?
    Karen – I don’t remember anymore
    Adam – and what were you going to trade them in for?
    Karen – each other, each other…
    Adam – you gonna swap them?
    Karen – yeah
    Adam – like a 7 for a 2?
    Karen – yeah
    Adam – (laughs)
    Karen – that was it
    Adam – what was it? You going to swap some numbers around? What did the numbers represent?
    Karen – no but, it wasn’t really the numbers
    Adam – like 2 rabbits for 7 goats?
    Karen – no like the, the, the…
    Adam – (sniggering again)
    Karen – there were, like there were 5… wait, wait… I know it makes sense
    Adam – (guffaws)
    Karen – there were 5 um, er… something
    Adam – (laughing harder) I’m so impressed
    Karen – there were five…
    Adam – I’m so impressed this made sense to you at some point in your head
    Karen – yeah
    Adam – can I say what I’m most excited about
    Karen – yeah
    Adam – for you to listen back to this tomorrow morning
    Karen – no

    (I'm not used to doing this kind of thing & it's not the full 12 mins & I know it's not Karen's usual standard)

  31. I'm pleased to see that someone from Australia also made the connection that I made about the cow that was stranded on the roof of a house in the Queensland floods. Very nice.

  32. I would also like to hear the whole 12 minutes. This is great stuff and it's not often that we get to hear Karen's mutterings. I love you guys, keep it up!

  33. About the cow comment.. In Australia, with the floods, there was a cow that was found on a roof of the house.
    I thought his comment was funny...

  34. You should release the full 12 minutes, that was hilarious :D Do you actually remember saying any of that?

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