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Jan 4 2010

"I'm not fat. No. It's just my awesomeness swelling up inside me."

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"I'm gonna mess you up so badly, Stick Man, that when I'm finished with you, you're just gonna be a scribble. Yeah!"
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And then there was the awakening:

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ADAM: (wakes suddenly, with a kung-fu block) I heard growling.
KAREN: No, Baby, it was totally silent.
ADAM: No, I heard growling.
KAREN: I believe you—
ADAM: It was a soft grrrrrrr.
KAREN: I don't think so.
ADAM: Yeah, yeah, yeah, it was. Right by me.
ADAM: Yeah... You know I could have karate chopped your computer to pieces.
KAREN: (laughes incredulously)
ADAM: It's true! I was— I was ready!
KAREN: Uh-huh.
ADAM: I was ready, I could have powwed it!
KAREN: That's why we have insurance. For just that sort of thing.
ADAM: Why have I got a cold? I've woken up with a blocked up nose, sore throat... Ow, Baby?
KAREN: Don't worry. We'll fix you. We'll fix you.
ADAM: Stop trying to jiggle me!
KAREN: I'm not trying to jiggle you! I'm trying to reassure you.
ADAM: If that's reassurance, I'd rather be scared.


  1. sounds like he was channeling STM at the end of that.... ruh-roh raggy....

  2. lmao! These two quotes are both awesome! and the reveal? ha ha ha ha!

  3. Stop trying to jiggle me! he said. What is it like to be "jiggled...?"

  4. And I don't think any American insurance agency covers laptops being karate chopped to pieces by husbands being frightened by imaginary growling. That's the sort of accident my poor new laptop is subjected to. I need to move over there to get that kind of coverage.

  5. "I'm not fat...It's just my awesomeness swelling up inside me" -- oh yes...I'm definitely going to use this one next time someone calls me fat :P

  6. OMG! Thank you for cheering me up!

  7. LMFAO the first one!

  8. The first one is shirt material and the last thing Adam says? Brilliant! :D "If that's reassurance, I'd rather be scared." LOL

  9. Red letter day!

    I still am not sure when Adam is actually cognizant in the reveals!

  10. Can I have the first one on a shirt, size 3X, preferred color dark purple (because I look awesome in purple) but I'll settle for black.

  11. ive only just started looking at this blog cause i saw you on the annoying people thingy on bbc three, i have to say, this is rather hilarious and genuinely not at all annoying xD

  12. JamiSings - I just added t-shirts to the shop, including plus sizes! There's no purple, but you can choose navy or fushia.

  13. "If that's reassurance, I'd rather be scared."

    that SO has to go on a t-shirt. or be a ring tone. or something. cause, damn, that is BADGERTASTIC!

  14. Yeah!!! Finally plus sizes!! I've been wanting to order sooo many of the shirts but I was just tooo awesome to fit in them! You've made my day!!

  15. I'm going to order one soon as I can figure out the difference between a standard and basic.

    But you know what this would also be awesome on? A beach cover up. Especially in the plus sizes. If you ever find yourself on a website called Beach Creeps you'll soon see why.

    BTW you can just call me Jami. That is my name. I just have the rest because - I'm Jami and I sing.

  16. i hope i didn't wake anyone (in my house) with my laughing! because i am sooooooooooooooo awesome..
    thanks for that. ;o)

  17. Such a sweet conversation at the end :)

  18. "If that's reassurance, I'd rather be scared."

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