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May 23 2011

"Lead me not to the telephone, but deliver me some email."

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I've been saving this one in the nest-egg for just the right occasion. For those who don't follow the news closely and are thus befuddled, here's the story, which was huge news in the States.


  1. Hey STM!!! Our office team is Getting Lost in a forest for a day to raise money for Hounds for Heroes:

    This is a worthy cause! Hounds for Heroes provide specially trained assistance dogs to disabled members of the UK Armed Forces and Civilian Emergency Services. I'm trying really hard to get some viral exposure but no luck so far...

    P.S - keep up the funny comments. I still cannot forget "Please could you send it in an e-mail so I can ignore it at my leisure". Vintage.

  2. T-shirt, mug or whatever! perfect for my husband, who HATES talking on the phone.

  3. LOL. This is wonderful. Although, I will say, it seems to me the US media hasn't said a darned thing about the failed apocalypse since it passed. But everyone in my general circle was very glad to have gotten to watch the Preakness Stakes horse-race. :oD

  4. hounds for heros is a wonderful and my anger is in no way directed at them however it sickens me to see how the veterans of the UK and the USA are treated by the gov. that they risk their for. No one on this sight is unfamiliar with the scalar and tesla energy wave technology and we all know that it can be used to heal people. It can regenerate new limbs & repair spinal injuries …no one is more worthy of healing than a veteran who has been injured fighting to protect his fellow country men.
    EAs Sofia

  5. but don't you know that Harold Camping has updated it again? Now it's Oct 21. lol

  6. @Acer - Then you must not watch Fox News. Because they've been making fun of the guy both before and after.

  7. I think the disaster in Joplin, MO from the Tornado that hit recently has taken precedents.