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Especially the desire to exterminate all vegetarians (but he does hate lentils.)


July 31 2011

"No. No, no, no, no! Oh, for crying out loud, who told you you could lick the church?!"

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Trawling through the mutterings that I've got saved in the nest-egg, I noticed that STM has been harping on about God a lot lately. Of course, most of it is him showing disdain. Anyone care to offer a theory as to why?


  1. The tour guide did, of course. :P
    At least if you are in the old salt mines in Poland, where there's an underground church made of the salt. If you don't believe them you are welcome to taste the wall. ;)

    So, sorry STM, but I got permission to lick the church.

  2. Maybe STM is confused as to why God would allow Rebecca Black to make another music video after the Friday debacle.

    Sorry, STM, sadly, God gave us all free will. So He/She cannot interfere with the stupid and evil choices. Just try to influence us away from them. However, even God knows there's no controlling people or their moronic choices.

  3. STM believes he is better than god, who needs that guy anyhow? all he does is burn down cities and create illnesses.

  4. With the number of times STM has referenced himself as God or God-like, it's interesting to know that he is now showing such disdain. Self hatred?

  5. Mabe he was talking to Molly. If Molly has grown large enough to lick a church, then I would like to know what you are feeding that dog, and if it is available in The States!

  6. Don't lick that church - you don't know where it's been! 7@=G

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  10. I've come to believe that STM is his own man in another dimension that your husband's consciousness drops into when he sleeps. Adam knows he's going to forget everything when he wakes up, but he knows he must wake up, anyway, and leave STM's dimension every morning. I picture him as being kind of like a totally hilarious Batman-type in his world: kicking ass and taking names and calling everyone a cunt. Also, teaching ninjas how to dance.

    Or not. Either way- AWESOME website. I'm fascinated and EXTREMELY entertained.

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