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Nov 21 2011

"If at first you don't find love... google harder!"

 or click here

I'm in the States for Thanksgiving, so Adam is on his own hitting the record button and then sending the file along to me in the morning. It's always a delightful surprise for me to search through the recording and see what little gems STM left for me.


  1. I use Google all the time, so this comment just made me laugh out loud. STM, you're the best. Karen, Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. He he he, t-shirt and card? ;)

  3. It reminds me of how when Craig Ferguson says he was googling, it always sounds like he meant something else! ;)

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  5. Karin, Adam - Love your escapades. Is this still going on today (April 2018)? Your sleep talkin habits. Maybe it is time to buy melatonin uk and get yourself some well deserved sleep without waking up. Good luck to your family.

    The Melatonin Man :)