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Jan 23 2012

"Everybody kneel on your swimming towel. It is time to pray to the omnipotent baby squid. (chanting) Squidyyyyyy. Squidyyyyyy."

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And we had this in the middle night, as I sat up to get our restless little beagle settled:

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ADAM: Where are you going?
KAREN: I'm putting Molly under the covers.
ADAM: Okay, put Molly under the covers. Then I get ten more points worth of your attention.
KAREN: (pets his head)
ADAM: That's not ten more points.
KAREN: I don't know what we're talking about.
ADAM: Neither do I. I think I'm involved in a dream.
KAREN: Yeah.
ADAM: Damn it. Go back to sleep quick, that was a good dream!
KAREN: Go, go!


  1. This one is my personal favourite since my nickname is squid. This have literally made my day :D i love STM, he is simply amazing; thank you for introducing him to the world :)



  4. the last one was me when I used to drink on my meds :3

  5. ooooommmmmmmm squidyyyyy ooooooommmmmm squidyyyy ooooooooommmmmmmmm

  6. First reads like a Saturday Night Live sketch back when SNL was funny.

    And anyone besides me thinking Harry Potter for the second?

  7. Baby Cthulhu is pleased. You will be eaten first. 7@=Q

  8. reminds me of an episode of family guy. where the end of the world happens and they head to a twinkie factory for supplies. Stewie ends up being transformed into a half boy/ half octopus somewhere down the line, only to have him reproduce like an octopus by the end of the show.

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