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Feb 10 2012

"Walking on water, and turning water into wine. Yayyyyy! I like magic tricks."

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My apologies to all the Christian folks out there.

This post has been pre-scheduled. We're off volunteering at a sloth sanctuary! But we'll be back live on Monday. Hope I have some great sloth-inspired stuff for you guys!

Your daily dose of sloth:


  1. in case some didn't get the reference :D

  2. so simply put.... lol love it.

  3. This is great! I thought some of my dreams were mad, now I wish I talked too!! I started recording some of my more bizarre dreams last year. Some months I have a lot of remembered dreams and sometimes only a few that I consider good enough to take time writing them out. I dream very lucidly and usually have at least one I remember every night. I'm going to link to you from my blog because these are awesome!! I'm at

  4. No apologies needed; I mean really, who wouldn't want to be able to use those as party tricks? lol

  5. Love it and the picture of the little sloth he is so cute :)

  6. Oh noes, I was hoping for slothy goodness today :(

  7. I sleep alone ,so I don't know if I still talk in my sleep, but if I remember a crazy dream, I draw a picture. For this dream for instance, it would be Jesus in a top hat.

  8. ohhhhhhhh!! Maybe that's the trick...turning the water into wine by walking on it!

  9. A random Christian geek.10 March 2012 at 19:21

    @Aviva, Actually, that's how they squished the grapes into juice back then. Ewwww.

    Magic tricks would make for an interesting alternate Gospel :).

    Oh no, I made Lazarus disappear instead of raising him up! :)

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