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Feb 15 2012

"Here's my CV. Why don't you just file it under 'Awesome'."

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Does everyone in the States know that CV = resume?

This conversation is from the beginning of the night, shortly after we got into bed:

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ADAM: (starts awake suddenly, gasping)
KAREN: You okay?
ADAM: Yeah. It was worms. It's okay, it was just worms.
KAREN: Oh! I thought you were awake, so I went to pet your head.
KAREN: But you thought it was worms.
ADAM: They were all over me.
KAREN: Oh, god. I'm sorry.
ADAM: It's okay. I was chopping them.
KAREN: Tripping them?
ADAM: With a shovel. Chop.
KAREN: Chopping them.
ADAM: In half.
KAREN: Did that work, or did they just grow back?
ADAM: I'm not talking, I'm sleeping.


  1. CV means something slightly more academic in the States, I believe. I've always heard CV used in relation to academic/scientific/journalistic accomplishments (degrees and publications, but mostly publications).

  2. CV = curriculum vitae....your life accomplishments. So can be both, however, N. America it does tend to be more academic than job related.

  3. roger that. although mind the hubris

  4. I'll use this in my cover letters!

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  5. Dear Ms. Karen Slavick-Lennard,
    I discovered your blog by way of my Psych teacher. I was so amused that I listen to your archives until I reached early 2011. I find it far more hilarious than my friends do, mostly because my laughter is unstoppable and takes on a mildly maniacal tone if I am exposed to Adam's quirk for extended periods of time. Please never stop posting.
    By the way I think you a super human to have survived for so long. I would have died laughing in the first six months if I were you.

  6. You know that CV quote needs to be on a T-shirt, right?

  7. I've 11 years of higher education under my belt and I've never heard of a CV. I've heard of a Vita, and I've heard of a CV joint in a motor vehicle. Neither of my degrees is in auto mechanics. I have no idea what this means for my future.



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