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Feb 2 2012

"That marmoset stole my earring! We are NOT carrying on until that bitch gives it back… Well, actually, it looks quite cool when it wears it. Mmm. New romantic marmoset, I like it."

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  1. you just had to give a chance to the marmoset.

  2. it's almost a munchkin which is a strange little animal. a brizzle munchkin maybe.

  3. I've always wanted to see one in real life. Lol You are lucky my friend! :D

  4. Yes, marmosets are notorious metrosexuals.....

    Just be glad it wasn't a Kodiak Marmoset: "The World's Largest Smallest Primate!!" 7@=Q

  5. Only one earring? Not both? Me thinks there's more to this story...Is there a Paul Harvey in SleepTalkin' Man world?