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Feb 20 2012

"Oh! It's a outtie revolution! Us innies gotta stick together and ride this shit out."

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  1. I didn't see something like this... coming

    embrace it!!! god knows I am.

  3. concave, covex = circle?20 February 2012 at 15:14

    stickin' like glue "About 90 percent of humans have innies" accordingly...sooo, outies it goes, for a shitty change of STM pace...

    === the occurrence of an outie navel being caused by the extra skin left from the umbilical cord and as "the Japanese believe that the belly to be a source of person's warmth and a perfect navel being an innie" (winkwink stm)...the outties are making a comeback to get in on the act, as much of the rest of us stretch_in_line

    Your inney- or outey-ness may inertia it be: (cakeplease)

    as the navel is one of the many erogenous zones that has heightened sensitivity where the gap of revolt begins to mesh; between innerds and outwords behaviour, this uniqueness is a given take

  4. Quick, inform the Admiralty Office! There's going to be an epic navel battle! 7@=Q

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  6. You gotta make a shirt out of this one please. Lol hilarious

  7. This has to be in reference to the Borrowers movie, 1997. Please, ask Adam if he;s seen it!

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