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Especially the desire to exterminate all vegetarians (but he does hate lentils.)


May 7 2012

"Damn that frigid monkey cheese!"

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"Fucking unicorns. 'Oh, I've got a horn!' So fucking obnoxious. You're just a horse with a party hat, dickhead."
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And the reveal...

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KAREN: I like that you, um, call a unicorn a dickhead... OH! I didn't even—! I only meant that I thought it was funny for you to call a unicorn a dickhead, I didn't even think about the—
ADAM: —the horn.
KAREN: Yeah! Do you think he did? Do you think it's accidental?
ADAM: He's certainly as clever as I am, and I would have straight away... (dropping the bravado) No, I think it's completely accidental.


  1. One wonders what STM was attempting to bake if the temperature of the monkey cheese would affect it!

  2. Could he be channeling Charley the Unicorn?

    "Ohh Chaarley!!!"

    "Wake uup, Charley!!!

    "What the fuck do you want now?"

    "Wee're gonna visit STM, Chaarley!!!"

    "It'll be a MAAAGICAL ADVEEENTURE, Chaarley!"

    "Bugger off: we're just horses with party hats, dickhead..." 7@=Q

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  5. Its full of funny. I like your site.

  6. "Fucking unicorns. 'Oh, I've got a horn!' So fucking obnoxious. You're just a horse with a party hat, dickhead." hahaha

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