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Aug 8 2012

"Hey, I'm a fucking flying squirrel. I can piss where I fucking well want! Yeeeaaaah."

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  1. True: if you're cute enough, you can get away with anything... (There are some flying squirrels living in a lodge where our theatre group rehearses; it's rather entertaining to watch them come out at night, chase each other around the rafters, occasionally stopping to bonk)... 7@=e

  2. Hey STM have you fled?
    We miss you.
    Come back and tell your wife more of your wisdom to impart to the masses.
    6 days without is too much.

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  4. This sounds like the basis for a most excellent adult internet cartoon.

  5. I wonder what his thoughts are on the use of the flying squirrel nickname? I wonder if there is a generational difference among those who believe it to be negative and those who do not? I wonder if only Blacks think it might be offensive?
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