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Sep 12 2012

"Seriously, there's eggs EVERYWHERE! Somebody call the chicken-whisperer."

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And the reveal!

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KAREN: You said, "There's eggs everywhere! Someone call the chicken-whisperer!"
ADAM: Has the chicken got separation anxiety issues? So every time you go away, it's just so nervous it lays eggs everywhere.
KAREN: But you'd think that would be useful.
ADAM: It stresses out the chicken, though. You know, you don't want to lie down in your bed and there's, under your duvet, or there's one right behind the front door, so it breaks and smears all over the carpet. No, you don't want that.
KAREN: The chicken just wants attention.
ADAM: But it's getting the wrong kind of attention now. It's getting negative attention. And that's a vicious circle.
KAREN: Poor chicken.
ADAM: I know.


  1. So have you figured out who came first? The chicken or the egg, I mean. Not you and your husband.

  2. I think the chicken came first, because why would God create an egg and say, "Let's see what hatches outta that. "

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