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Feb 11 2013

"Straw is for pussies, and sticks are for pricks. Bricks! It takes balls to use bricks. Big piggy balls. Respect to the third piglet."

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Perhaps STM is brushing up on his fairy tales in preparation for our upcoming new arrival!
"I look good in hair. Which is lucky, I suppose, 'cause I've got hair... by the bucket-load."
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I can attest to this being an accurate representation of Adam's furriness.


  1. The first of today... LMAO! STM is so right. Respect to the third piglet indeed!

    Oh, STM has a lot of hair? I didn't know. Sounds like he's hairy as a monkey. ;P

  2. I lol'd. and yes, respect, but no, nothing more. I guess, since I can only guess who the third one is. damn there are so many piglets floating about in this ocean of pure existence. let the pigs swim, go fly, and exist as they please. but then again, I guess. have an asum day :)

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    1. iono who the fuark you are, but I have to agree with you on most things. there are other factors influencing libido, if you know the guy lol then you can figure out by yourself. and about the initiation - WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT. YOU ARE COMPLETELY UNDER-INFORMED, I DID MY FAIR FUCKING SHARE OF INITIATION. IT'S SUPPOSED TO BE MUTUAL, OR AT LEAST RECIPROCAL. *sigh* and I'm not gonna open the link, if it was of a greater importance it wouldn't be here.

  4. if I could have chosen, I would have wanted the shorted straw to get pulled for me. :( I still don't know what happened, just have bad feels. oh well, this (with more bass, and love than ever)

    ...and justice for all.

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  8. I've changed my mind completely: YOU GUYS SUCK. You got all the cash out of this site that you needed to start a family, and the hell with the lot of us that have supported you over the years. Not even an update to say how you and the baby are doing. And not even moderating the comments, so they're filled with some of the most ridiculous foreign spam I've ever had the misery to read. I always defended you guys and said STM's ramblings were real, but now I think they really are/were bullshit; I guess when you're tired from a newborn, it's too hard to make up new random sentences every day.


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