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Oct 26 2009

"Don't take this the wrong way, but you're a fucking retard. Really."

[in a cute, sing-song voice] "Time to bounce your face off the waa-aall."


  1. Hahahahahha I love it!! I've found a new blog to follow!!!!

  2. omg these are amazing. I have something new to do in Class. Forget BCIS I want to look stuff like this up. 8)

  3. I'm new to this blog and I love it! That first one is hilarious. Tell me -- does Adam ever remember saying any of this?

    BTW -- baobao, in case you weren't sure, you're an asshole.

  4. As a suggestion to you Karen, I would go through now, before your blog gets too big , and delete all of baobao's comments. They are annoying for one thing and you are providing him with a lot of links which make him money, and not you.
    BTW, this is a great blog. I'll be linking to it, thanks for the funny stuff..

  5. I think your husband must have had Baobao in mind for his first comment for this day.
    Baobao is really a fucking retard!
    Love your blog, it's great....too bad you can't get rid of shitheads like Baobao.