Some content on this page is not suitable for young eyes or faint hearts.
Views expressed by Sleep Talkin' Man rarely reflect the opinions of waking Adam.
Especially the desire to exterminate all vegetarians (but he does hate lentils.)


Mar 2 2010

"Oh, the jigabee's here. Budge up, give us some duvet. I've been looking forward to this. Nice jigabee."

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  1. I'd love this on a shirt. Simply because it's so random and pointless.

  2. Jigabee..? Haha!

  3. "Apples yum yum lovely apples" that's what my friend said in her sleep when i was round hers she did have toffee apples the night before

  4. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  5. Nobody is forcing you to buy anything Anonymous, but there are people who want to buy STM quotes on shirts, etc. Web hosting costs money. As much fun as this blog is, I don't think it's fair to expect Karen and Adam to lose money in order to bring it to us. Offering items for sale is one way they can offset the cost of running the blog.

  6. I can't get the audio to work. But then I can't get google to let me log in either... bollocks!

  7. Sweet but WTF is a jigabee???

  8. And things that are for sale are things people do want. That really boosts quality.

  9. The tone of Adam's voice as he growls out those last two phrases, in conjunction with the duvet reference, sounds like the jigabee is rather naughty.


  10. Prof. ZzzMAN-ylizer2 March 2010 at 13:31

    "Oh, the jigabee's here.
    . . .the jigabee's here.
    . . . the jigabee IS Here. . . at last!

    I don't know what it is either, but I LUV this ONE!

    The jig is up now, so Budge up, nudge up close, bring on the fudge'n apples for that matter, let's all pudge together in all this mudge and reflect...

    ...gather all Adamtasic fans; huddle in his muddle...

    give us some duvet...jigabee here, jugabee there'n
    jigabell everywhere, watch those, i mean stares and share in the JiGaBeEzzzZZ!

    then...jigernaut it out and jammit jumping off the edges some of U'Zzzy sleepers; some have sensitive tummy's like yesterdays trip to the toi...Weeweeweeweeweeweeweewee. . .(not on the slippers, please). . .

    " I've been looking forward to this. Nice jigabee. "

    No one can jigaboooOh todaze jigabout in STMLand of ozzoOz we are, except maybe that doodee that floats about in Adamland deeDOO!!!

    Get down with JigaBEING yourself, of course don't forget your chicken soup and nuts it all up today! ...

    ( i think that's the < JigabeE > WhatUP! going

  11. This one is really funny, but I saw a comic today, and, well, it is just so related to STM.

  12. Time is worth money, too. Karen is putting time into serving up daily pleasure for all the readers. And if skeptics are right and Adam is making these blurtings up while conscious, then that's his creative energy going into the blog, too.

    Those of us who enjoy the blurtings, think this couple deserve to make a buck for entertaining us so well. And no one is required to shop if who hasn't the money. We are all free to keep reading and laughing without spending!

    Those who don't enjoy should stop coming around. After all, if you don't enjoy reading this blog and you keep coming around anyway, what's wrong with you that you'd do that?.

  13. Exactly DayDreamer!

    This blog is so much fun to read! It always amazes me what he says is his sleep. I have known people who sleep talk as well and they say some funny and out there things. lol

  14. oohh.. Also.. I was wondering if, when karen gets back of course, she could gather up all the audio and list it on the side panel with the rest of it.

  15. I have to agree with Daydream. We are all here to laugh. If we thought it was a hoax or questioned the credibility of any of it- would we bother to return? Maybe, maybe not.

    We are all mature enough to enjoy it for what it is and go elsewhere if we choose. So to the cowardly Anon, who can't appreciate some things, why do you bother to rant like you do? It does nothing for your 'image' but portray you in a not so flattering light.

    Carry on Karen and Adam. You bring a smile to a lot of people every day. For that- You Rock!

  16. I thought i'd share a video of my niece trying to talk like the sleep talking man. She's so adoreable!

  17. Brandilynn:

    Yes, Blogspot is free, but domain names aren't.

  18. The closest thing I could find to "jiggabee" was "jiggaboo:"

    (U.S. and UK) Slur for a black person with stereotypical "black" features (e.g. dark skin, wide nose, and big lips). Jiggaboo or jigabo is from the African word tshikabo, meaning meek or servile. There might also be a historical connotation with peek-a-boo, boo boo, boogie and boogie man.

  19. jackie31337, your actually wrong. This blog costs nothing to host because its hosted through blogger. I may buy something but probably not because of money constraints.

  20. Well: the jigabee is distantly related to the gajumba, but much smaller and fuzzier (you could never get a gajumba on the bed, for example). Jigabees are highly valued as household pets among the Yom aristocracy; both for their soft, hypoallergenic coats and large, almost nauseously friendly eyes, as well as for their willingness to eat unwanted vegetables. In the wild, jigabees are known to form symbiotic relationships with the reticulated deedoo. (from McCay's 'An Amateur's Guide to Oneirogenic Flora and Fauna', 1912.)

  21. well I am defo buying some of their stuff...I love the tea bags quote and would love that on a tshirt LOL

  22. Prof. ZzzMAN-ylizer2 March 2010 at 21:50

    All this jigabee ribbish is trustingly :) delicious =P like a daily anticipation of a great find - - - in the garbled-speak-cycle circling within Atoms'@pple, sworming within that special something---some have when they so surely say what they mean in dream; but! No One else gets it, yet,
    it is clearly the rollercoaster in the twinship of the goods and evils of Adam-sleeptalk & not.

    (ohno, another rumble on the theory trail)
    - He' putting out another Adam attack on us and we're still scratching our heads cause only this sleepTalkin'man knows for sure about this
    * jigabee * of his...

    - A new species* he's named? and sent back to us early from the jungle to tempt us and blow our minds out to kingdomkome, so teaseingly us to figure it out.

    Be nice, as he's training the young jigabee towards growing into a gigantic JIGABEE! that Karen has extremely taken to; under her ~wings~ i hope we get a visual picture of it when they return ;)

  23. Would you not do the same if you could to make a profit?!

    I would - you don't have to buy anything to get a free laugh anyways...

    Karen, Adam, thanks for all the free laughs!

  24. im sry but i need an explanation again... a jigabee is a small animal and a duvet is a...bed?

  25. Ok - giggles galore because, besides the audio being ohmygosh funny, there are 3 words/phrases here that I would have thought nonsense if I weren't getting some instruction on Brit-lish here in STMland.

    They are jigabee, budge up, and duvet. I knew duvet must be British for covers because it's come up several times in that context. But I totally expected someone to say "what's a jigabee" and then some British helper to explain it!

    So... "budge up" - do you Brits say that?

    As for selling stuff - I celebrate that K&A are (hopefully!) making money doing something SO FUN. Yippee for them!!! I hope they do WAY better than cover their costs. I hope they can quit their day jobs (if they choose) and have an absolute ball dreaming up more and more ways to spread the laughter farther and wider. What a breath of fresh air, and oxygen put to good use. :)

    LA/wts - very, very fun!

    Prof. Z - classic rambles today - two of them! Very fun. :)

    I... love this blog. Thankyou thankyou, Karen and Adam, for laughs -every- day.

  26. LOL!! Anon 23:17 - I only saw your comment after posting. That makes it ALL funnier!

    I'll let someone else help you sort it out. :)

  27. Should people who don't believe this is true be allowed to post? Judging from the response it seems that most people on here do not wish to see a single dissenting opinion. Why are you so hostile to people who happen to disagree with you? Why do you continually tell them to leave? What on Earth is the problem?

  28. Prof. ZzzMAN-ylizer ... you should have your own blog! Are you sleep-typing? you're so random

  29. Well, for the curious, I found a good illustration of a subspecies of the jigabee, the chipchilla...... see


  30. Fantastic explanation LA/wts! And love the chipchilla!

  31. Part of me thinks this could be a hoax but I don't care because it takes artistry and skill to hoax people. If this is a hoax, it is the amusing and harmless type. Creating what Adam says does require creative energy and time. As a person who has laughed aloud in her sleep, whose sister used to converse while sleeping, I know we do bizarre things while sleeping. It's possible this is real and if it isn't, it still makes me laugh so hard that I weep. If Karen and Adam make some money from t-shirts and coffee mugs, good. We all want to make more money!

  32. To Anon 23:39 - there have been dissenting posts that were hostile, to say the least. Some doosies, in fact.

    And the point is - whose blog is it? Karen started this blog to share laughs. It makes lots of us laugh a lot, which makes her and Adam laugh even more. That's its purpose - read what she wrote at the very top.

    A blog that allows public posting, unless so stated by its author, isn't about "free speech for all comers." It's a private party, basically, with an open door. Make yourself welcome or - you won't be welcome. :)

    All that said, I don't mind a respectful dissenter (though I'm not sure why people sign in just to say "I don't like this").

    LA/wts - more giggles!! Thanks.

  33. I also talk (scream, kick, lick, bite, scratch, etc.) in my sleep. I only wish that anything I had to say was this interesting...and at least Adam wasn't hated by his college roommates because he dozed off in the afternoon during study hour and woke up screaming every profanity in the book at the top of his lungs...for several minutes before he knew he was actually awake.



  34. i think the american word for duvet is comforter.

  35. Susan in Chicago here,

    Actually, we Americans have duvet covers as well. Usually a comforter is a blanket, but not necessarily a down comforter. A duvet cover is the pretty cover that goes over the down comforter (always seemed like a waste, except that down comforters are almost always white).

    As to budge up

    And the jigabee

  36. Prof. ZzzMAN-ylizer3 March 2010 at 05:34

    Let's randomly Rumble in this Jungle (it's much more fun! just right here in this stretch of The Yield warning!turn, we entered into-

    turning off by.the.way.side - The ffForest.of.'nowheres' to go but up!roaringly in your youknowwhat...of course the gut wherelse... hhehhee ...where it exits out (u knowhat sounds that's indifferent to us all in degrees that effects the echos between the trees through our topzzzinbottoms-both) as we laptop if off and let the fingers do the walkin'& 'atalkin and mushin'the.brains

    . . . while some are sleepin' and a breezin'
    brainiacally'freezin' ---with a slurpee or even veggin'ana gellin'...

    . . . just like Karen did when she started. . .

    just before she turned on !THAT! secret hightech analyzer-recorder to the archives to check on his zzZzz progressions..." clip clop clip clop clip clop clip clop clip clop... Who brought a horse in the bedroom? Oh well. Looks like I'm sleeping in the barn." situated over yonder amidst the forest of dreams - - -

    all battied up from the bellyaches they started and can't stop till we drop, into our to and fro, rock'n roll of the Ages.

    Laugh lines, wrinkidinky and all, it must be late in the day where we're not quite ourselves now when it gets into Sillyland of the know, gazing, @@ up at the treetops from our canopies, O'holy mates, Ahoy!
    --- officially hooked on classics, adamly speaking.

    (don't do 2much of that tho...this forest can't take it...besides...Some of the content on this page is not suitable for young eyes, unless you have night shades handy...and owlplugs) ;<>

  37. Prof. ZzzMAN-ylizer3 March 2010 at 06:10

    Susan in Chicago :)

    budge up:
    Move to make space for someone

    Example: We had to BUDGE UP to let the fourth person in...let'see...

    Karen...Adam...recorder...oh and baby jigabee...

    that makes sense now...eating Calbee’s Jagabee potato sticks like popcorn hoarding...that tops it all off ...

    "My computer needs more power. Feed it chips. Lots of chips. With ketchup. Not mayonnaise."

  38. i don't know what Jigabee means, but jigaboo is a close word and it means African people...duvet is some kind of a blanket...I think it is sweet that he's helping those people in his dreams to get warm...yeah.

  39. Well said again 2manywhiskers and Marilyn B too.
    I don’t think anyone is against people stating an opinion that they think this is fake, the problem is the insults and the rudeness, just so not necessary. Why shit on people for having a laugh? Even if this is a "hoax" it's certainly not hurting anyone, bringing laughter to people around the world is a very noble endeavour indeed!
    Smiles and giggles are so worthwhile! ;)

  40. I have a fantastic mental image of this, and may or may not draw it for you. Oh this blog never fails to make me chuckle, also the phrase budge up tickles me. Something about quirky English phrases..
    Thanks again love, and I concur, this would make a fantastic shirt or mug even.

  41. This was excellent -- even if I'm not entirely sure just what a jigabee is. For Adam its a cause for celebration. This seems to have brought out the silly in everyone. Lots of funny stuff you guys! Keep it up!

  42. If, as some people suggest, that it does not matter if it is a hoax or not, why do people get so upset when someone says it is a hoax? Surely it doesn't matter!!

  43. Prof. ZzzMAN-ylizer - do YOU have a blogspace or somewhere else we might follow your nonsensical and yet utterly sensible ramblings?? :-) we would love to follow your twists n turns as your brain is chuggin' along as well me thinks!

  44. A duvet is a thick cover, usually sort of half a hands width thick, tends to be used instead of blankets and top sheets, which are a total waste of time. (it's said 'doo-vay' by the way) - picture here: . It is not the same as a duvet cover, which is the cover you put the duvet in to keep it clean.

    'budge up' is 'move over'.

  45. haven't read the comment section in a while and, unfortunately my first though was, omg. people are still saying they shouldn't be selling merch.? why? it's a blog. a d*mn funny blog, at that. and you know what? i don't care whether it's real or not. it seems real to me but it doesn't matter. it doesn't make it less funny if it's a hoax (and if it is, WOW! Karen & Adam, y'all are some incredibly talented folks!) i am glad Karen and Adam are selling merch because i hope to order a Superstar Donkey Jockey shirt soon and be the envy of all who see me.
    long live STM!

  46. Susan in Chicago - thanks! I -love- knowing about that usingenglish website!
    And didn't know Americans used the word duvet.

    I'm still wondering if anyone actually says "budge up." It was hilarious to find out that Brits really do say "oh my giddy aunt"... I love it.

  47. Everything is all good when a jigabee shows.

  48. I say budge up, bollocks, etc. And I live in California.

  49. as someone who sleep talks, and being told some of the random things that come out of my mouth when i am asleep, i believe that he says this in his sleep! SO funny! thanks for sharing!

  50. I've seen a movie called Nail - I think. In it the main girl called her twin (which had died when they were little), Jigabee.

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