Some content on this page is not suitable for young eyes or faint hearts.
Views expressed by Sleep Talkin' Man rarely reflect the opinions of waking Adam.
Especially the desire to exterminate all vegetarians (but he does hate lentils.)


Mar 31 2010

"Wow. If you really think that was a good idea, maybe your mum should rethink having YOU was a good idea."

"Who's eating popping candy? I hope you brought enough for everybody. I like big bags. Pop your fucking head off!"

Karen's notes: Adam was silent last night. These are some that I've stashed away for such days.

Completely irrelevant plug: I PROMISE not to make a habit of using this space to promote things unrelated-- and I ask your pardon in advance-- but this is too close to my heart for me to let it go by completely unmentioned. If you live in the Boston area, you might want to check out the amazingly cool show that my brother wrote and directed. It's described as a "punk cabaret fairy tale," and has been getting a nice bit of press. It opens next week. Details here:


  1. Plug away! You deserve it. You give me a chuckle every day. Even if it's faked, it's brilliant.

  2. I take it you don't mean Boston, Lincolnshire..?

  3. It's your blog! Plug away! I actually enjoy your little notes

  4. That would be Boston, Massachusetts.

  5. Go Red Sox! ;)
    just kidding.... :P

  6. go purpley / pink sox! well that's what i am wearing today.

  7. Interesting. I live around there. I would love to go o.o ...lets see if I can now get anyone to go with me!

    ...I also love popping candy.... if Pop rocks count as popping candy.

  8. Yeah! me too. thanks ;-) .. see ya all in Boston guys.

  9. amazing blog, my friend advised me to check it out, can't stop laughing

    Lj, London

  10. lmao @ purpley/pink sox - it takes a brave man to admit that lol ;-)

    Good luck to your brother and his play!
    Karen, you're notes are great! They're especially welcomed when there's no audio ;-) and when it's a slow or archived night :-D

    Anyhoo, I'm rambling again, so Cheers!

    Kim from SK, Canada!

  11. karen, you a boston gal too?

  12. Wow this is a very cold hearted response. To tell someone that they are so incompetent to the extent that there very life should be considered a mistake is truly an insult of the highest degree. I don’t think people realize the extent of their insults or the gravity of their opinions on the minds of the individuals or groups they are aimed at. Our society has become so desensitized by popular culture that insults like these have become commonplace.

  13. Anonymous 16.05 -- you realise this is sleep talking right?

  14. Some of the content on this page is not suitable for young eyes or faint hearts.
    The views expressed by Sleep Talkin' Man rarely reflect the attitudes/opinions of waking Adam

  15. I'm not originally from Boston, but I did live in Waltham for 4 years (university) and, later, Cambridge for 3 years (grad school). My brother has lived there for a really long time. This is the first show for his new theatre company, so it's a VERY big deal.

  16. if you go and meet him, don't mention 'maggots'.

  17. It's true, he has a maggot phobia. He can't even hear the word.

  18. Prof. ZzzMAN-ylizer31 March 2010 16:39

    now is sleepingAdam talking to wakingAdam with a stroke of jealousy somewheres over in dreamspace...while sleeper may get attention possibly 8 hours of sleeptime...the rest of the time of the day morning, noon and evening is all adam-adam-Adam...

    an internal brady dispute only a mum could love and no true answer to this puzzle...

    otherwise there would be no struggle between STM nor WTM, a night and day question to stark'a dance around in the dark, through the light of day...

    while plop plop fizz fizzing along, oh what a relief it is to see an experiment to mentosly blow your mind in fizzy cola bottles and a big bagful of flavorpoppers takes just the thing to do it with that big bang theory to Pop your Top Off... 3-2-1-blast off......

    as for the crowd pleasing show of hands, their enjoymenting that rocket-cheeks feelin' in a kiddie-world exhibition, under the eastersky

    ---mouth-smackin' take off launching in inner space; and no co-ordinating directions required...just a rockin' solid sweetreat gudtyme; to fizzle the day with...'n away...

    . . .enuffa nuggetings overtherainbow 4all . . .

    to wastin'time or wuz that...
    time's a wastin, blowin bubbles

    - justhe.chemistry -

    - - - an artistic fairy tale!
    amassed in Boston Poppin' in the labratory
    to chu setts to punketly perform, more directions to follow - - - >

    ---> the plot ...

  19. How cool! Your brother's show looks fabulous. I'm in the midst of a move from LA to Massachusetts...this would be a very fun thing to do.

  20. Yay, Em! I think it's going to be great.

  21. I think my Mom did rethink that... ;)

  22. Better to say these things in sleep and share them with us than to act as if you meant them during the day. I have worked with people who never spoke their anger but it oozed out between the silences anyway and hurt people's feelings just as much.

  23. i had heard all tickets for that show were sold out.. like for theyre not adding more shows and no more tix are ever going to be available :( id love to go if i could get tix, ive been hearing some pretty awesome things about it. im sure he already knows but feel free to pass along to the broseph that all of artsy boston is abuzz regarding the show

  24. durr.. just went to the website. i take back all the talk about no tickets ever. my b.

  25. Anon @ 16:09 -- more like this culture is more sensitive and wimpy than any other ever before, to let mere words hurt them in such a way. Thank God I grew up poor and made fun of in school for it. I got the opportunity to grow a thick skin, not let things bother me, and learn to prioritise and how to choose a true friend from one who only care about superficial things. And especially not to give a second of thought to random words from a stranger on the internet. I mean, really??

    Sorry for the tangent, K + A. Thanks for all the laughs! Keep those brilliant, only-the-English-could-do-it-so-well-even-in-their-sleep insults coming!

  26. I LIVE IN BOSTON!!! I'll make sure to see it!!!

  27. "I hope you brought enough for EVERYbody......"

    Couldn't help but think of Harvey Korman in 'Blazing Saddles'..........


    "He's _very_ strict......" 7@=Q

  28. Dear *:

    Really? Is there buzz about it? I now it's been in some papers, and he's going to be on NPR and stuff, but you really can't sense actual buzz from 3000 miles away. I miss out on stuff like that being over here.

  29. OMG is your brother Jason Slavick? I work with him all the time for years now. How small is the world?

  30. 2manywhiskers1 April 2010 02:35

    Ditto from me - plug away, Karen, and I hope your brother has a wonderful time with his first show!

    LOL - it's time to watch Blazing Saddles again...

  31. My mother tried to commit suicide when she was pregnant with me, so does this count as "re-thinking"? I sit here trying to think of something funny to say in reply, while Adam does it in his SLEEP! Am so depressed I think I'll go perform a self-induced "post-natal abortion", especially after getting passed over by Jennifer Anniston for another guy in my sleep last night... But wait, then I'd miss out on my favorite website. Changed my mind. All kidding aside, I LOVE life and LOVE reading Adam's sleep talk!!! Dream on!

  32. Hi Karen! (side note i really enjoy the blog, a mini vaca during rough days at work) I went to an art college in maine and grew up in the boston area, so between the two I do hear a bit of buzz from the art scene now and again. From what I've heard just about all of my artsy friends are trying to get tickets. At one point they did say the tix were sold out indefinately, which is where my first comment came from, but now it looks like theres more so I'm thrilled I'll have a chance to go. Boston can be a rough crowd, esp. towards the art population but like I said, its quite a big deal to get a ticket so he must be doing something right! I'll keep you updated if I happen across anything you hadnt mentioned.

  33. Prof. ZzzMAN-ylizer is a tosspot...

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