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Especially the desire to exterminate all vegetarians (but he does hate lentils.)


May 16 2010

"Your face reminds me of a roadkill's arsehole. Certainly not on my list of things to kiss."

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Karen's notes: For anyone who missed it, we were on BBC2 this weekend, on Frank Skinner's Opinionated. It was a good time. If you feel like watching it, there's a link to the clip on our media page. Or, you can see the full episode on iPlayer.


  1. Canadian Guy16 May 2010 15:33

    What, exactly, is on his list of things to kiss?

  2. NewMexicanAnnie16 May 2010 15:44

    Hey, Adam!!!!!!!!! The roadkill's ***ehole told me that you need to use more tongue!!!!!!!!! :D

  3. OMGooodness this one made me laugh out loud.... too funny Adam!

  4. I shall be stealing this line and placing it alongside my other favourite: 'your face reminds me of a bulldog licking piss off a nettle'

  5. You guys kill me. My husband and I peak every morning. He doesn't talk in his sleep but has some excellent/weird dreams which he shares on our way to work each day. Not about vegetarians but he has a thing about bees. Keep it going and stay happy.

  6. I saw the video of opinionated!!!! Love it you both are adorable and if I can say screw the naysayers!!!! Adam Keep talking Karen Please keep recording !!!!

  7. Prof. ZzzMAN-ylizer16 May 2010 18:21

    Ya don't say! Adam-STM,

    don't kiss a**...don't kiss; don't tell,
    - especially if ya cud be cruisin' for a bruisin'
    in your musin' to rousin' that tousin'
    i'm rekon'ing, =] is all...roadra(n)gering...

  8. Hi there. I saw you two on Frank Skinner's show and felt I had to let you know my story. My partner also used to say really random stuff like this in his sleep so I totally believe you are telling the truth. He used to do it just once or twice a month and it was hilarious but gradually it got more frequent, up to three times a night.

    It also used to be just talking but over time he got more and more 'active' in his sleep; getting up out of bed, going round the house licking radiators (!), stripping the bed clothes off the bed (while I was still in it!) and screaming that we had to get out 'cos the wall was going to fall down. One day he wandered out of the house into the road, in just his pants, still asleep but talking and walking. At this point I decided we needed help because he was becoming a danger to himself (and maybe me!) and all this disturbed sleep was causing or exacerbating health difficulties for me. He was referred to a sleep clinic and was diagnosed with a condition called REM Behaviour Disorder. He has been treated on drugs for the last two years and while he still occasionally talks in his sleep he no longer gets up and does crazy stuff. RBD (google it if you're interested in finding out more) is linked with more serious conditions like Parkinson's.

    I'm not telling you this to frighten you! Please don't think that. But I just wanted you to be aware that if Adam started doing more than simply talking in his sleep, or if it got to a point where it was damaging to either of you, there could be a medical explanation. RBD is not very common and affects mostly men rather than women. It is not understood by most GPs so you would need a referral to a specialist at a sleep clinic. Hopefully this won't be necessary for you but I just felt I should share our experiences with you in case it is of interest. Best wishes, Helen

  9. Karen you looked so pretty on the Frank Skinner show, and Adam looked handsome and was so much sweeter than STM!

    Did ya miss me? LOL!

  10. Thank you thank you thank you thank you for putting the audio thingies in a link. I haven't been back in a while, and I just saw today's entry, and I could listen to it, easy as pie! Love it!

  11. Thanks for the media page link as the iPlayer isn't available to those of us outside the UK. I can't figure how anyone can't believe the two of you as you always seem so genuine when you are interviewed.

  12. Great appearance on the show, guys! You guys seem like very good people. :) All the best to you in your lives.

  13. Karen, you have great eyebrows! Just watched the Skinner clip. I hope that when I expressed skepticism, I was respectful and did not hurt your feelings. I think you know I love this blog and do respect the work that you put into this, regardless of my suspension of disbelief or lack thereof.

  14. Stephanie C.17 May 2010 21:54

    Okay, so I'm not going to lie, everytime I rad these it gets weirder and weirder because my husband's name is Adam too and they kinda talk the same.. except my Adam is awake when he says all this! xD It's really cool for him to see someone thats like the English version. =]

  15. How awesome. Just watched the clip of Frank Skinner. Supposedly, I say some wierd stuff along with talking russian (i know yes, no and excuse me please and no more when awake) along with the odd chasing shoplifters (face first into the wall - ended up with a suspected fractured cheekbone and concussion) and diving over my wife to protect her from an assassin!