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Dec 14 2010

"Seriously. I'm just gonna have to call you anus breath from now on."

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Karen's notes: Hahahahahahah! I love that one. It's from the nest egg, about a week ago.

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  1. Years ago I dated a guy named RB - it doesn't stand for anything, that's just his name. After I decided he was a jerk, my cousin nicknamed him Rectum Breath.

  2. I think it would be quite practical to be able to breath through your anus. You know, for emergency situations. In case you would end up with your head under water. Or when you need to chug a large amount of beer. Or in those moments you are too tired to breath through your mouth or nose.

  3. I think there's nothing to add here after Andreas' comment.

  4. excellent stuff as always

    dont forget to pop in and pay a visit soon

  5. This one clearly refers to my cat, Mrrrrr Mazel who has a slight anal gland issue....

  6. anus breathe... perfection on that one!!!

  7. I'm just gonna have to call you anus breath from now on - HELP!

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