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Jan 14 2011

"Cream cheese to the moon, mother fucker!"

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  1. It has a certain ring to it, but I can't quite figure out what it means.

  2. Cream Cheese to the moon
    mother fucker
    Play among the stars
    See what dairy is like on
    Jupiter and maaaaaars


  3. Roger that. And now I'm already working on it.

  4. cream cheese on the moon
    - so the shrimps wish
    in their daily insomnia.
    so then they could perish
    all the walls under their legs...
    how they could, no one had known
    but the thoughts in their
    amphibian brains already flown,
    and the mad shiny stars
    had nothing to add,
    so their mad dreams in
    deep agony began.

    for cheese is a primary
    crab nutritient
    and shrimps shone hardly
    in their earthly environment
    they longed for stars
    and longed for the moon
    inhabited by crabs on
    blue afternoons
    but shrimps wanted
    the whole night for themselves
    - without wings it looked
    a bit
    like a sysiphusian attempt.

    act 1, scene 1 from shrimps on the walls(are dreaming of the moon)

  5. Sounds like a play off of one of Die Hard movies...

  6. Or like the Honeymooners - a parody of "To the Moon Alice"

  7. Better cream cheese than nasty bleu cheese.

  8. This reminds me of my high school econ class. My teacher had used someone in class as an example and I forget what he was trying to explain, but the person in class was supposedly the only person in the world who knew how to build nacho cheese bridges to the moon. So that week, "Nacho CHEESE bridges to THE MOON!" was shouted a lot. And he was awake and presumably sober...

  9. haha.. Long time fan- I love to start my morning off with a chuckle from STM. :) Thanks for being so diligent!

  10. Cheese to the Moon - isn't that a little like coals to Newcastle? 7@=Q

  11. I thought the moon was supposed to be made of green cheese, but CREAM cheese sounds way better! :)

  12. Karen, how come you never include your witty comments at the end of the posts anymore???? They are the BEST!

  13. ...the fuck?

    i love you, stm. :)

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