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Views expressed by Sleep Talkin' Man rarely reflect the opinions of waking Adam.
Especially the desire to exterminate all vegetarians (but he does hate lentils.)


Jan 13 2011

"Talk about a talented man... Go on, talk about me. A lot."

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"Yeah, I've got a healthy respect for chairs. Stools, hmm, dodgy fuckers."
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"dodgy" = of questionable moral or structural integrity, shady
"Why have I got shrimp on my wall? (whining) Oh, this isn't a musical. Guys! Oh. Shrimpy."
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And the reveal. In order to fully understand the conversation, you have to know that Adam is quite accident prone.

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KAREN: "I've got a healthy respect for chairs. Stools, dodgy fuckers."
ADAM: Stools?
KAREN: Yeah.
ADAM: Not true though. Don't believe that for a second.
KAREN: Why, what do you feel about stools in reality?
ADAM: Honestly? With my track record, stools are not to be trusted.
KAREN: So, this is true, what you said.
ADAM: I wouldn't say I have a healthy respect for chairs though. They're just more stable in my life.
KAREN: Ha ha.
ADAM: Ha ha ha... (in movie trailer voice) "Shrimp on the Walls: The Musical." Like Snakes on a Plane.


  1. I'm trying to imagine STM speaking in a Samuel L. Jackson voice re: Shrimp on the Walls. It comes out warbly.

  2. SHRIMPS! GAAH, the solution for shrimps on walls are some shrinks on them and then walls on shrinks, but walls have shrimps on them, so we need more shrinks and shrimpy walls and


  3. Shrimps On The Wall - The Andrew Lloyd Webber sensation. Staring that dude that played Captain Jack on Torchwood and a bunch of reality tv stars.

  4. lol, i've had it with these Mother F*ing shrimps on these Mother F*ing walls XD

  5. you guys are so adorable it's almost sickening. :P

  6. Darn it, Koneko-chan, you beat me to the line!

  7. Haha! Tell STM I've got a healthy respect for chairs too! xD

    Hmmmm... I wonder if you can /talk/ to STM, like, at one point Adam just talks right? It all happens at once and not scattered about through the night? You'd think he'd react if you tried to strike up a conversation? Or would your husband just wake up?

    My sis sleep talks(sometimes) so I tried talking to her, all i got were incoherent mumbles or a couple words or two but the random things I said to her apparently affected her dream xD You have to talk really lightly in order for it to work though.

    If you did try it, and it worked in getting a conversation... I mean, we get these funny quotes because STM is kind of talking to himself(probably not, because he sounds like he's talking to someone in his dream)

  8. ... oops, how'd that happen (accidently clicked it too soon) :|


    imagine what would happen if you tried talking to him xD

  9. (cue chorus)

    "All in all -
    You're just another shrimp on the Wall..." 7@=Q

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