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Feb 18 2011

From the holiday:
"Hmm, I like you. But you're french. So don't tell anyone I said it."
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Adam and I shared a house with two french people, with whom we had a lovely time. I do believe that STM was expressing his special affection for Jeremie, who actually heard him say this through the wall.
"Did you close the door? I mean, did you close the door, did you lock it? I swear there's a ginger in the hallway. They wouldn't get in if I close the door. Give me the broom, I'll have to get him out now. Shoo! Nasty ginger."
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Yeah, I can explain what inspired this one. First of all, keep in mind that in the UK, "ginger" = redhead. So, we had to make sure we kept the doors to our house closed and locked at all times, to keep out the monkeys. Lisa, a spider monkey with a shock of orange hair above her forehead, was the most persistent and cunning in her attempts to sneak in. She would actually tuck herself above the front door and wait there quietly. Then, when we opened the door, she'd swing herself in above our heads.

In the first picture, Lisa is enjoying a stolen mango on our porch, having just been chased out by Adam and Jeremie. I wasn't there, but I'm told that when she got in, Adam took a full cup of water and threw it in her face. Apparently she just blinked a few times and looked at him, like, "Um, why did you DO that?"


  1. STM never fails to make me laugh out loud. "wet pants time". I love every post and sound bite. I especially love when you post the ones where STM wakes up Adam. Never stop posting!! :)

  2. Wow - you ought to go on vacation more often (uh, excuse me - holiday.. )

    STM loves it!

  3. I love that last photo :). I've been catching up on your recent pots and I think I'd just die of happiness at that sanctuary.

    The one about Graffiti Monkeys is surely a candidate for a t-shirt! haha

  4. I think ginger means redhead in all English speaking countries. South Park makes fun of gingers, or at least the Eric Cartman character does.

  5. Francophilia? The Foreign Office will hear of this....... 7@=Q

  6. At least STM wasn't talking about Jeremie that way, who had already been through quite the STM experience.

  7. I love, love, LOVE that 2nd picture!! Amazing!