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Sep 11 2011

"Hello tree. Hello flower. Hello bee… you wanker."

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Presumably inspired by this delightful Indian summer we're having!


  1. Haha, my sister got stung by a bee just last night. I kind of secretly want to get stung too, just to know what it's like!

  2. hello everyone.. :D i'm here, i'm back!

  3. @wallflower : hey wallflower, it's me again :D

  4. Any man that could say "hello flower" like that must be very sweet! The bee insult notwithstanding.

  5. I love listening to STM.. I tend to do it all in one go on a Sunday afternoon when I finish work and I always look forward to it :)

  6. I don't know about that, florid nightingale. A man might say 'hello flower' like that, then add 'today I am going to extract poison from you and use it on all the newborns in the hospital'...for example...and that probably wouldn't make him a very sweet man.