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Dec 14 2011

"Pith helmet, check. Baby wipes, check. Small box, check. Let's go midget smuggling! YAY!"

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And Adam's thoughtful analysis:

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KAREN: So... Where do the baby wipes fit in?
ADAM: Okay: pith helmet makes sense; small box, yeah I can see why; baby wipes... maybe to keep them clean and fresh for when he delivers them on the other side, no? You know, if he's underground with his pit helment, he doesn't want to get his midgets dirty. He wants to deliver nice clean midgets.
KAREN: Makes sense.
ADAM: I only try to make sense of what goes on in my head.


  1. FYI, it's pitH helmet -- Oxford Dictionary says "a lightweight sun helmet made from the dried pith of the sola or a similar tropical plant."

  2. And once again we have STM collecting midgets. Someone better warn the Roloffs and Bill & Jen.

    Unless STM's not into America's little people.

  3. @Panya: Definitely heard him say "PIT helmet" = miner's hardhat. Whether that's the correct term for it in the UK, I don't know......

    And, unless he has sanitary facilities in the box, he's going to need baby wipes - and perhaps a change of midget underwear.... 7@=Q

  4. This is fabulous!! I was sent here by someone on Facebook after posting that my husband just talked in his sleep with a French accent. He does not speak French. At all.

  5. I heard pit too, but he's more likely just substituting/mispronouncing the word pith -- it's a common mistake. The only "pit helmet" I've heard of is for racing pit crews.

  6. "I only try to make sense of what goes on in my head."

    While technically not a STM comment, it soooo deserves to be on merchandise!

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  8. when you speak to him in the reveal is he just woken up or still mid-sleep?


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