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Dec 19 2011

"Oh shit. There's a ton of shit coming in, and you're sitting there, doing the same old shit, not giving a shit. Get off your fucking ass, and get on with the shit that's coming in, otherwise we're going to be up to our necks in this shit. Shit. You're such a shit."

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"In conclusion, we can see that you're an ugly cunt stain that needs to be permanently removed from my life. Okay?"
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It's unfortunate that STM kept the full supporting argument to himself. We need evidence!


  1. The second one must have been the last line in STM's divorce papers.

  2. Bwahahahahaha! "Well, you've certainly showed the diversity of the word." ;D

    I don't know what I'd use the first quote for, but it gotta be used. :D

  3. No, not okay at all. But today I learned the importance of not shittin with shit. That makes me THE shit.

  4. Does anyone else see the resemblance to the South Park episode It Hits the Fan?

  5. upon the rooftop, a narrators version...19 December 2011 at 17:15

    oh crap, STM the workhorse, and rightly so...
    the crap Is hittin' the fan and that shit disturber is deadweight to a deadline, knee deep and neck high; this sleeptalkin'Super (ad)Visor is kickin' ars and steamin'mad as d!rt, shittin' out loud, and crappin' all the way; dag nabbit, stinkin' smelly rotton... ventin' crapola-shit,

    social loafing, indeed!?!
    ...theres collaborate, brainstorm, choice?...skills, efforts, actions and goal motivation...

    T.M.shI.tformation in STM's great shitty bitty witty diddy of the day! awh, shucks.
    (he's gotta point)- in thru the outdoor; back in.
    a matter of $'s and sense.

  6. I see a slacker getting his shit on -
    getting SHIT ON!

  7. "...But it's really GREAT shit, Mrs. Pressky!"

    - Firesign Theatre 7@=Q

  8. I'm glad I wasn't in the room when the shit started hitting the fan.... that would be rather messy.