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Dec 26 2011

"Six packs of nails and four ears... What am I going to do with the nails?! The ears I like. Oh yeah. Ears are always handy."

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I guess STM got to open presents last night, too. Lucky him, I wish I'd gotten some new ears!

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KAREN: Do you think what I think, that it's gifts you're getting?
ADAM: I suppose.
KAREN: You must mean nails like (waggles fingers)
ADAM: Not really.
KAREN: Well, no, I was thinking of it as nails as in hardware. But since you're also getting EARS...
ADAM: Don't you need the nails to hammer in the ears, to keep them on?
ADAM: How else would you be attaching the ears. Or are they rubber ears? Why would you have real ears?
KAREN: Well, they're always handy.
ADAM: Fingers. They'll be handy.
KAREN: (giggles)
ADAM: Don't laugh at me.


  1. pick my ears. pretty please

  2. double entendre? HAAA?

  3. Vincent Van Gogh could use some real ears. Jack The Ripper loves sending them as gifts.

    I imagined nails as in the acrylic kind.

  4. Happy Boxing Day from Canada, Karen and Adam! As usual, love the discussion!

  5. Well, ears *are* always handy; but I think a gift of fingers would be rather eerie...... 7@=Q

  6. My step-daughter got ears for Christmas. They are on a little elastic band, like a hair band.

    My halloween ears are also attached to a hair band but the u-shaped kind, not the elastic kind.

    No nails needed. :-)

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