Some content on this page is not suitable for young eyes or faint hearts.
Views expressed by Sleep Talkin' Man rarely reflect the opinions of waking Adam.
Especially the desire to exterminate all vegetarians (but he does hate lentils.)


Mar 12 2012

"Kissing you always leaves me with the feeling that I've just given someone an oral colonoscopy."

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  1. Don't know if you should be happy that STM isn't fond of his girlfriend or insulted. After a couple of years of this, I continue to be amazed at STM's contempt for - uh - someone he shares his life with? So glad Adam is there for you!

  2. While I know STM probably means that as an insult, it just reflects that he himself needs to a) learn to kiss better (seriously?! colonoscopies examine several feet of the colon. Rein in that tongue, big guy!), and b) finally realize what having such a dirty mouth will get you! ;)

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