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Apr 16 2012

"You can't drop them. You can't set them on fire. You can't feed them to crocodiles. You can't let them play with fireworks. I mean... Kids: What the fuck?!"

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Yup, Adam said this during the weekend, one of the weekends we had his children visiting. Perhaps he's got irreverent parenting on his mind. We've been listening to Tim Minchin quite a lot lately:


  1. I love Tim Minchin! Aussie comedians ftw :)

  2. in the land of milk&honey---then there's16 April 2012 at 19:42

    can't, can't, can' STM language may mean if i can recant in another light...can't drop-but he can play...can't on fire-but water is a possibility (wink,wink)...crocodile tears cause he surely can't do that!but he can shower them with crocs of another sort from top to bottom, fireworks, well, we can watch them wideyed'n'litup! with candleworks galore on their daze of days...i mean, can'tzzZ may just mean candooze...just kididdling around with mindful wordplay Oh! fuzzz...sending out a different energy again, STM will be pissed - off i go - - ->

  3. Tim Minchin is absolutely hilarious! Comedic and musical genius.

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