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Apr 18 2012

"They're nunchucks, Grandma. You know— Ooh! You're a natural! Like a wrinkly ninja. Oh, Grandma. Nunchuck skills... blatant racism skills... occasionally smelling of wee skills... can't forget the hairy fucking mole skill."

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"Stop kicking me, dog mutt puppy fool!"
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It's true, Molly the little beagle does have a habit of kicking us in the middle of the night, which would generally explain this quote. However, she was on my side of the bed, minding her own doggie business when he said this.


  1. nunchuks, no, numchucks, no . . . . . . . . .18 April 2012 at 13:51

    oh my...nun-chuck-norris

    and not quite the intrigue of Bruce Lee;

    but one can hear it in STM's voice, how so impressed he was with Granny'new skills!

    but then...that ominous stM flair started kickin' in, with a puppyboot to boot; good thing those nunchaku's were in the right hands, way to go with Ninja Granny Action to occupy from his mortal speaking thoughts out loud

  2. "They're nunchucks, Grandma. You know— Ooh! You're a natural! Like a wrinkly ninja." It would be the perfect quote for a kickass grandma. 8D

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