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Jul 16 2012

"What are you doing, apart from making your immediate environment look fuck-shit ugly?"

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"Jibba jabba jibba jabba... jibba jabba jibba jibba... fucking jibba jabba jibba..."
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  1. Lol! Thank you for once again making my day! STM is hilarious!

  2. moving in stereo ...suroundsound...16 July 2012 at 16:16

    Jibba jabba jibba jabba...
    "A long-winded dialogue full of bullshit and rhetoric. Often spoken by Mr.T when he wishes you to shut the fuck up." a line of conversation that one participant no longer wishes to follow.
    (but US!) getting to the heart of this one-sided?sleeping conversation with Mr.Tism 'a lotta bull-crap talkin'singin', fool suckas'nonsense and rubbishing in a cooldudestyle sort of his step Jibber-Jabbering away

    ...beholden to that as to each his own in the eyes of the beholder and STMzzz' got it & its right up there with his telling it straight away like he means it, how rude!

    - - -jibberjabber- - - sticks&stones - - - talkin'two mysellf- - -jabberjabberjabberjabber- - -you clod- - - "Quit yo jibber-jabber."
    "I got no time for the jibber-jabber bitz- - - do they bite or what say you- - -"

  3. #1 - Did someone hire that one annoying dude from Changing Rooms? I forget his name, some English dude with long hair. Once decided to decorate a couple's bedroom with the torso of a naked mannequin (female) and put a bunch of those screws with loops on the end in the frame of their bed. And for some reason really hated white walls. Or "magnolia" as he always called them.

  4. Did he watch the big bang theory hahahaha.

  5. Jibba jabba jibba jabba... jibba jabba jibba jibba... fucking jibba jabba jibba..." LOL

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