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Jul 18 2012

"I am Mediterranean Man! Hear my cry: TZATZIKIIIIIIiiiiiii and tremble with fear. I will cut you with my throwing pita. But not at three o'clock, 'cause it's siesta time. TZATZIKIIIIIIiiiiiii and away!"

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After that, I managed to drift back to sleep, only to be awakened by the following commotion:

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STM: (slams his fist into the headboard)
KAREN: Baby?
ADAM: Ouch!
KAREN: Whadyu— Whaddoo?
ADAM: What?
KAREN: Wha'd you do?
ADAM: Nothing.
KAREN: You punched the headboard again.
ADAM: No, I didn't!
KAREN: What do you mean, no you didn't?
ADAM: I didn't punch the headboard.
KAREN: What did— Okay.
ADAM: Nothing ever happened. Okay?
KAREN: That was a very noisy nothing.
ADAM: Sometimes noisy nothings happen.


  1. ok.... this should be a ring tone. "Hear my cry: TZATZIKIIIiiiii and away!"

  2. I like "Sometimes noisy nothings happen." It fits so many situations.

  3. Best. Post. EVER! :)

  4. Doesn't Adam wake up listening to himself talk? How can he not when STM is yelling "TZATZIKIIIIIIiiiiiii" right beside his ear?

  5. "By day, he's mild-mannered restauranteur George Hypnolalos.... but when darkness descends upon the mean streets of Basingstoke, culinary evildoers fear the wrath of the Peloponnesian Protagonist!

    With his sidekick "Kalamata Hari" (Olive Pitts), Mediterranean Man has confronted such arch-villains as "The Saucier" De Grasse, Baron Spaetzle, the Chicken Kiev mob and the shadowy Lord Suet-Pudding in his ongoing mission to keep Britain's arteries clean.... " 7@=Q

  6. Sometimes noisy nothings happen. What's that? LOL

  7. I liked that line as well.. "Sometimes noisy nothings happen". Adam is a quick thinker!

  8. "Sometimes noisy nothings happen". Why did that make me think of Justin Bieber...?!

  9. Listen, I love you guys like fat kids love cake, and not to bust balls or anything, but maybe it's time to look into getting a padded headboard? Just sayin'. ;)

  10. "Sometimes noisy nothings happen.' Best quote ever! :D

    Am I the only one who thought of the scene from episode IV with the two stormtroopers and the following conversation: "What's that?!" "Ah, it's nothing."
    That was a noisy nothing. ;D

  11. "Sometimes noisy nothings happen." That they do. And I agree with Anonymous that y'all should get a padded headboard. :-)

  12. "Sometimes noisy nothings happen". Now, if that isn't a t-shirt, or a coffee mug, I don't know what is!

  13. "Sometimes noisy nothings happen". Now, if that isn't a t-shirt, or a coffee mug, I don't know what is!

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