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Jul 20 2012

"That's my foot in your face! Smell the pain! SMELL THE PAIN!"

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  1. So STM is a professional wrestler?

  2. brilliant, as always.

  3. silently waiting in the wings of a foot swing...nose knows no,no,no21 July 2012 at 15:51

    STM is definitely NOT of the idiom Foot in mouth
    to embarrass oneself by saying the wrong thing that can usually make matters worse, NO!, but watch out for that highly infectious acute foot-and-mouth however highly contagious a viral disease it is, red spotty bumps'n'blisters to dryheal...the humor of it SMELLS a lot like a footloose'nfancyfree stinker story to me. Lets FACE it pains me to say overall it's not ones lucky day to be kicked where it hurts and suffer it consequences...and that a foot long longing for action of pain to ones pleasure; courtesy of;
    'S-top T-orture, M-an.'

  4. Was this an ARCHER quote?!?! lol Seriously, first season first episode, that happens.

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