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Jul 23 2012

"Sit. Sit. It won't sit... Uh, come here! No, it's just sitting there now! Oh, this potty doesn't want to be trained. Bad potty!"

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Ah yes, potty training. Always a challenge.

This weekend, we took Adam's 8- and 11-year old kids camping. Saturday afternoon, Adam and I were lying out on a blanket while the kids pottered around us, and Adam drifted off to sleep for a while. Suddenly, he woke with a shout of "FUCK NUTS!" You can imagine the pandemonium that this caused with the children. I kick myself for not having the recorder going.


  1. that would have been interesting what the kids said about it.... and of course his reaction to it himself.

  2. o'fiddlefaddle. a word from the sponsor on kookoo, sleeeepdreams.23 July 2012 at 13:44

    "What The F*ck, johhhnny...he's gotta potty mouth
    !---STUN.KCUF---! f*ck the wha?" kinda way, didn't mean it,but,it meant something .a.larming. buzZZZZzzzzd-gotta blankethis peanutter-
    oh! Nuts! go back to bed, carry on kids, carry on (=:<>#) fired up over poppin'corn & vancamperpork...andbeans,
    nuttin'likeit; a drifter train wreck sittin'2B tiedDdown and challenging a shortstory it'was,

  3. That was interesting. Thanks for sharing this.

  4. Ha! I can just picture the kids rolling around on the ground laughing at this one! (that is, if they're anything like mine) "OMG - Dad! Jeez!" And thinking to themselves "thank GOD none of our friends were around to hear this!" LOL

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