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Jul 25 2012

"Hey, Universe! Sort out your mysterious fucking ways, or I'll stick a super-nova up your fucking black hole."

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(a long series of crazy sounds, and then) "Yup. That just happened."
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  1. you know over the years there have been many great sayings... like "**it happens", "have a nice day! with a smiley face" "have a nice day! with a smiley face with a gunshot between the eyes" just to say a few.... now I think I know the next one for this decade.... "Yup. That just happened."

    1. ah... forgot to ask... do make that a ringtone. if ya would karen!!!

  2. - - - overheard at the Comic-Con-Munications Convention26 July 2012 at 01:33

    BlackHole StickUp = LUminOsity! {crj}
    a stellar galactical eXploOsion! as the sun is to-day; and the radation burst is to-night- - -STM*s outshining star material is quite the shshsh.ocK wAve at his core temperature; with 1@50 years intervalz, that was some sort of dusty gas-up Mr. UNIverse!

    Fuzz, this SooUper DooUper mystery is Thee Way to go out with a Big Bang-like * seein*stars * and you do light up our lives @nite in Adamspeaking of the Milky way sorts, a trail to comet on.

  3. Awesome! And perfect for the way my life has been going lately.

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