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Jul 2 2012

"If only Jesus had a cape. Hmmm, if only....."

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If only, indeed. This next one I tried posting on Friday, and screwed it up by posting the wrong audio clip. Here it is again:
"Dim sum. Dim sum! The wontons, they're not cooperating, and there's soy sauce everywhere now. Listen, you fat globby balls, get out of the steamer and help me! Thank you."
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  1. If only... The first Super? ;)

  2. Must have been reading this:

  3. . . .at the Cape of Good Fortune. . .hmmm mmm mmm....2 July 2012 at 18:44

    YUM CHA! drink Tea tasting point of the heart!
    don't get pushy steam carts, we're dimsum diving -
    "small", "medium", "large", & "special" plates...get ready to dish it out...color dishes; off to the side...itz gunna B a food fight to the finish wonton style...hey Oolong, Green and Chrysanthemum---you're next in line---watch out for egg tart; while you're at it give a shoutout to pudding, buns and sponge cake for back up too. we're in for quite a dumpling; what with those taro tofu and ricers chomping at the bit---it is gunna be rolling in comes squid-congee ribs sparingly at a disstance over the semi lack of control in chaos- but rumblin' ready with their pheonix claws and shrimp meatballed just open up and say AAaaahh!!! and so it goes...steamed and fryed out by now, that was quite the delicious battle, wiped up...
    now don't be mouthy bout good troups, table seated, sauced ready-to-serve the finale customury order by finger tap or two with lid's TakeOut and doggie bags please to a full chop chop, greetings,party guests. steamsaway. Gung Hay Fat Choy.

  4. Any movie buffs think he sounds like Ridley Scott?

  5. HA HA HA You really need to add a follow by email link on your sidebar.

  6. Yeah... but if he had a cape, then he'd need the spandex tights and the chunky, futuristic armor bits - and you just can't swing that on a wandering prophet's budget..... 7@=Q

    As for the dim sum debacle: just be glad he wasn't attempting Szechuan... 7X=G