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Aug 1 2012

"Oh, the joy of watching dyspraxic hamster volleyball. Look at their little legs! Aww. Oops! He's fallen over again (delighted chuckle)."

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Sounds like STM's got himself a case of Olympics fever!


  1. and the wheels go round'nround, then, up and down...1 August 2012 at 20:17

    hmmmmmmmm...problems with movement and coordination.
    It is also known as "motor learning disability"...oh, a new dazesword in the STM sleep-learning-language-school of thoughtskers...

    So, things with dyspraxia finds it hard to carry out:
    - smooth ^hamstring stetches^, and
    coordinated ^ham-movements^ {check}

    - often comes with language problems ^hamming it up and ^downers^ {check} and

    - sometimes a degree of difficulty with perception ^ham-eye-there-yet?^ and vollying the thought ^hamgesturing^---pointbreak, surfs away^ {check}

    Dyspraxia ^hamdinger!^, does not affect ^ah-hummm^, hamstirring intelligence games {check}

    - but it can cause learning difficulties hummahumma {check}+{matey}
    wuzyfuzy, and overalls; a wheely fun (awshucks)~Oopsy~ dayzy.
    a pairalympics, scored.
    .littlelegs all fall down. the hammock way.

  2. I though my partner talked a lot in his sleep...your husband wins XD He not only actually makes (some) sense but he's hilarious... And of course the accent. I love a good accent! This blog is awesome.

    1. I did notice the typo but the textbox was being peculiar and wouldnt let me fix it.

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