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Aug 3 2012

"I shit gold, piss silver, and puke bronze. I don't need a medal to tell me how fucking awesome I am. Got that, bitches?"

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Now THAT'S the Olympic spirit!


  1. At least there's no reason to worry about his sense of self-worth!

  2. I love it please tell your hubby thanks for the laugh

  3. This should be printed on T-shirts and donated to some Olympic athletes.

  4. This might upset the IOC. But STM can probably handle them.

  5. Finally, an opinion on the Olympics I can agree with. lol

  6. (just podium upping with an addendum to...)6 August 2012 at 15:03

    yes, we got the picture you are leaking words of mental anguish and wreaking of metalurgic reactions under the silver linings and snortin' at us with internal awstrucksomeness and yet, blowin' off smoke and mirrors at the same time is rewarding in itself, luv ya!

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