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Nov 12 2012

"How the hell am I meant to put a liger between the phoenix and the unicorn?... Fuck it. I can't read Noah's writing anyway."

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And the reveal:

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KAREN: You said, "How am I supposed to fit a liger between the phoenix and the unicorn? Oh, fuck it, I can't read Noah's handwriting anyway."
ADAM: It's my fault. None of them are here.
KAREN: Awww. There are still ligers.
ADAM: (whimpering) It's my fault!?
KAREN: No, there are still ligers, don't worry!
ADAM: But the unicorns!
KAREN: That's true.
ADAM: Well, phoenixes, you know, fuck it. They rise from the dead anyway.
KAREN: So we can only blame the unicorn on you.
ADAM: Are there definitely ligers?
KAREN: Yeah. But they don't occur naturally. They happen in captivity. They're extremely intelligent.
ADAM: Really?
KAREN: Oh, yeah, they're much larger than either a lion or a tiger, and extraordinarily intelligent.
ADAM: Can they do crosswords? No, they can't, 'cause they can't hold the pencil, 'cause they haven't got an opposable thumb. Not that clever.
KAREN: It's not their fault if they don't have an opposable thumb.
ADAM: Okay. I'll concede that point. But can they do crosswords? No.
KAREN: I bet if we made a crossword in Ligerese they could.
ADAM: Oh. Ligerese. One across, four letters, a loud noise. Oh, "roar," there we go. Another four-letter word, five down, anything that moves. Ah, "food." And that's a cryptic crossword.


  1. In STM's defense: Well, Noah *was* writing rather hurriedly in cuneiform; and those clay tablets tend to get mushy in the rain, anyway....

    Besides, the ligers *should* have gone between the kelpies and the manticores - Noah was a bugger about alphabetical order.... 7@=Q

  2. I just discovered your blog. Actually, I was looking for this kind of cases because my boyfriend talks very often while he sleeps (almost twice a week). Well, I discuss with him and after I send an email to my friends to laugh about that... But I found funny the fact that he speaks in different languages. Yesterday we have this discussion:

    - He (portuguese): bla bla (i don't speak portuguese I just get some words, but he was working last week with some brazilian clients, maybe that's why)
    - Me (french): "I don't understand what you mean!"
    - He (french): "if you want to come with me said it now or I will go alone"
    - Me (spanish): ALONE? that's selfish! where do you want to go? Bora Bora?
    - He (spanish): NON, at the Opera house, you want to go?
    - Me (french): NON! I just want to sleep! Give me my pillow back!
    - He (french): Well I have my ticket. I'm going..

    Then he stops...I thing he went to the Opera at that moment :)

    The first time this kind of things happened I woke him up, but I just start finding this interesting and funny. I didn't know that people could speak several languages while sleeping. In real life, he speaks french, spanish, portuguese, italian, english and russian, so I think we have still some funny moments ahead.

    Greetings from Paris.


  3. HAhaha this is genius!

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