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Sep 20 2011

"You're always coming back. You're like herpes, or a terminator. No one's looking forward to seeing those again."

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"Put that marrow away boy. You do not want to go there. I will fuck you up."
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I was baffled when I heard this one. Marrow? Like, the stuff inside bones? How exactly would you threaten someone with that?! It turns out that "marrow" is the UK equivalent of "squash". Here's a marrow:

And, like "squash" in the US, "marrow" is mistakenly thought to refer to only certain members of it's vegetable family, when it actually encompasses tasty things like pumpkins and zucchini as well ("zucchini" has it's own word here, too. It's "courgette").


  1. I wonder which type of herpes he was talking about!

  2. I remember Hercule Poirot retiring to the country to grow "the vegetable marrow." But what that has to do with STM's state of mind I have no idea.

  3. The marrow would've confused me too.

  4. cyborgs yesterday and terminators today? Do I denote a theme this week?

  5. I think you could make a great movie out of what's here. The herpes-infected terminator and how he met his sidekick, the marrow-slingin' boy wonder. Action, drama, humor!

  6. Ahh, so THAT'S what a zucchini is! As an Italian (language) student I am slightly envious of Americans. We get the bloody French word for it and they get the Italian (probably?)... :(


  7. Marrow isn't really the equivalent of squash. Marrow is the name of that type of squash. We consider marrows, courgettes, butternut, pumpkins, etc, to be part of the squash family (not the "marrow family").

  8. Actually, in the Viking myths Thor cooked his magical beasts for a poor family, but told them that they absolutely could not break the bones, but Loki tricked the boy into eating the marrow, thus Thor couldn't bring the animals back to life unharmed the next morning. It would make sense for that story...

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