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Oct 18 2009

"You spin me. You spin me round and round. Stop spinning me!"

"Yeah. Yeah. Fly me. Fly me...... far away and then fuck off."

"Mmhmm. Eat my crap shit-for-brains!"


  1. LOL!! Was he singing "You spin round & round"? I can't stop laughing picturing this!!

  2. Ur husbands a funny guy in his sleep..this blog had me laughing so loud I peed myself...i even wrote about u guys on my blog from South Florida,USA

  3. I know the song he heard and probably is talking about!
    You spin me 'round, baby
    right round
    like a record baby
    it's a dumb song, I like his version better!

  4. very interesting information ... i like it ..

  5. Correct its the song You spin me round baby - Think it was from the late 70´s or early 80´s

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