Some content on this page is not suitable for young eyes or faint hearts.
Views expressed by Sleep Talkin' Man rarely reflect the opinions of waking Adam.
Especially the desire to exterminate all vegetarians (but he does hate lentils.)


Feb 14 2010

"I got one. I need two. It's useless without two. With two, I can take over the freakin' world."

"I know it's a shame that when I walk out of a room it gets just a little bit darker and gray. It's a burden I carry."


  1. We NEED the audio for the last one. That is too funny!

  2. Two what? Nukes? PS. second person to comment again!

  3. Get audio
    for two (nukes)

  4. Happy Valentines Day Karen and Adam!!!!Fantastic quotes today !!!!!!!!!!

  5. thanks Karen&Adam
    yes...i love to hear the audio
    for the last one too....please??....
    love from oz

  6. I feel sure Adam must have said "grey", not "gray" :)

  7. you get up way too early

  8. You always make my day a little brighter with the quotes. Keep on talking!

    Have a wonderful Valentine's Day, both of you :)

  9. Claire here:

    LOL, a burden he carries; we all have our cross to bear Adam, yours is to keep on sleeping - some would say it was a dream job!!

    Valentine's wishes to all and for the singles amongst us ...well, let's give ourselves a hug and buy some guilt free chocolate!!

  10. Sorry guys, the audio on these two are terrible. We're at Adam's parents' and I only brought the recorder, not the mic, and it was sitting all the way on my bedside table. When he started talking, I basically picked it up and held in in front of his face. So it's like it suddenly zooms in.

    Oh, about "gray" vs. "grey": Both are considered equally correct.

  11. Haha, is he that full of himself when he's awake? ;)

    Awesome blog by the way. It's hilarious!

  12. Jebus: No! He's actually really humble.

    Oh, Happy Beheading Day everyone!

    (That's actually what today marks, the beheading of St. Valentine)

    Last year I made Adam a card in which we were standing together holding hands, headless, each holding in our other hand the other's smiling, bleeding head.

    1. I love your relationship, you seem like a lovely couple!


  13. Ah how romantic.

  14. I might have to steal your V-day card idea.
    Just wanted to drop in, have a laugh, and say Thank You for the Blog. I get a kick out of reading it to my husband and watching him laugh like a madman.
    Happy V-day Karen and Adam. I'm off to Photoshop our wedding Pic now.

  15. Oh, I love it - the beheading!!!!!!!!!! I am going to have to do something w/ that. It helps those of us who are single on this day, and for whom the hearts and flowers seem long ago and far away!!!

  16. These are priceless. I'm so glad you're capturing these for our enjoyment! Sorry it's at your hub's expense. :)

  17. P.S. My ex talked in his sleep too. Once he was very upset apparently and began almost shouting. He said "No, no! I've got to eat the pizza. I've got to eat the pizza!"

  18. Hilarious!!

    Happy Valentine's Day to you two (three?) - thank you thank you for sharing so many laughs and so much of yourselves with the world. :)

    And... don't lose your heads!

    Found this recounting:

  19. Sleeping Adam really hasn't got a problem with self-confidence. ;o) I love it!

  20. the day is young; it take 2; 2 mints in one; doublemint-cinnamint, sisnglemint, treasuremint...
    doubletake'n doubletrouble...St.V.

    it's the duo of Adam-Kare taking the world by storm, in a caring Adamish way...oh so animated and oh so Mr 'snowy-lilywhite yet red all over,
    - - - that's cause he just left the special days event after closing up...and as the party wound down, lights a'dimming...cooler, darker...duskier

    what a burden to have the world on his shoulders, akin to eating out of the palm of his hands ( takes 2 to do this ;) what he feeds us to our <3 E>
    desires, airful and headful, all so sleepyful...

    that's burdensome abuzz i suspect ...him trying to convey...sleepyheadless Adam sometimes loses his head over all this attention in his ramblings...we surely's ok...2bfull of ! IT ! (moremoremore)

    "2Y's UR, 2Y's UB...ICUR2Y's 4meeeee heehee..."

    Karen gets it that you're not yourself most days when you talk...only in your dreams...but your a realtime package of a sweetheart of a deal she caught with an arrow to heart...bigtime to all

    ·.,¸¸,.·´¯`·.»§§«,¸¸,.· ·.,¸¸,.·´¯`·.»§§«,¸¸,.·

    this St. Valentine's and
    Happy Chinese New Year! too, yearofthetiger...
    sending wishes for the day...hava happy, Happy!
    in any way... "."

    ·.,¸¸,.·´¯`·.»§§«,¸¸,.· ·.,¸¸,.·´¯`·.»§§«,¸¸,.·

  21. "It's a burden"...boy, could I use that one on a t-shirt! Thanks for sharing, K&A! You've taken an otherwise abyssmal day (I'm single and have been for a long time)and made me laugh away the blahs!

  22. Hahahaha! I like this one!

  23. I think comment #1 was the first time SleepAdam said "freakin'". Am I right? And #2 just screams, "T-SHIRT!". I want that shirt.

  24. Two semi-twisted thoughts came to my mind after reading the first quote: One: Adam was dreaming that he was Adolf Hitler and he was in need of two testes (Adolf was rumored to have one); Two: Adam was in need of another breast; okay maybe you can't take over the world, but you can do some serious damage with a (nice) pair.

    I am pretty sure Adam wasn't dreaming of either of these things!

  25. ya the "burden" one would make a really good shirt, hope to see it soon

  26. I might have to steal that Valentine's Day card idea... Genius! You two brighten my day! :)

  27. Adam (awake) has NEVER used the word "freakin" in his life, to my knowledge.

  28. ... And the most important advantage is :
    With two, you get eggroll...... 7@=Q
    (I know, I'm reachin' here....)

  29. You sure he said freakin' - that sounds too American to me! Or are you editing for us ;-)

  30. Does he ever remember if he was dreaming when he says these things and if so, what about? :)

  31. Claire here:

    FYI onelifeliveit, I do believe that Karen is American and when living with someone it is very easy to pick up their expressions, even subconsciously.

    Were you doubting 'our' site?? lol

  32. Claire here:

    Ooops, forgot what I came on here to write. Love the Hitler analogy; he did enough damage with one!!
    I immediately thought Noah, two of each species.

  33. Tell Adam that what he needs two of, I have the other one. If he shares the world with me he can us my one.

  34. Adam is my hero!!!!!! Seriously the funniest shit i've ever read!

  35. One fortune cookie!...i need another one for Karen! It's valentines...I need two. It's useless without two. With two, I can take over the freakin' world...and share my brainfood in every cookie, multiplied!!! that's a shame.

  36. First time visiting. Your blog is hysterical. Or should I say your husband is? ;)

  37. Happy Valentine's Day! Here is a sweet song about Talkin In My Sleep...

  38. Noooo! Voeveo says the ring tones doesn´t work for iPhone...!! Why, Oh why!! :´(
    Can it be fixed?


  39. Aww.. The first one is quite sweet if you think about it in a romantic way... The second is just STM being the usual arrogant, "ego-wanking," STM. :D

  40. I wish we knew two of what...I mean, I want the secret of taking over the freakin world!

  41. he was probobly thinking about some sort of green duck with a flame thrower or somehting

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