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Feb 26 2010

"Too many windows. Especially the big ones. Damn them. Damn them all to hell."

"If you weren't such a fucking prick, you'd be a decent person."


  1. LOLed at the 2nd one! classic. :)

  2. Was that a quote from 'Planet of the Panes?' (Window Panes! hehe) Fantastic as always.

  3. One agrees, too many windows, too many window cleaners, put them all in a large box.

  4. LOL!!! love the second one!!!

  5. He is the master of insults, isn't he? Love the 2nd one!

  6. The second one sounds eerily familiar...

  7. OMG Karen thank you so much for bring laughter to those who read these post! :) I have never laughed so hard as when I read these

  8. Prof. ZzzMAN-ylizer26 February 2010 at 17:14

    2 many dreams,2manywhiskerss in our sleep;)...wha`the`s...

    - Oh g@@dn:)s...lotza activity while the twosome are at play away with the elephantrunkers...

    ( i had to switch providers last week and finally found a better one and am still trying to catch up on the trailers of the day on top of my busy schedule, but it's hard to miss new musings to peek into now and again... had not realize one can be missed and ones who try to say can be taken personally or not but that is the way 2a say-of-a-day, in every way...strange, eh? )

    ( whennotonline, wecantakeforgrantedwhatisfine,
    believingitcan'tbetrue )

    ...noconnection,noactivitytoseethefunneees4aday -0- more...

    - never taken Too seriously since this is a site for sore eyes now, too much humor ice cream for our appetites and a book is assurety on the agenda to keep organized as this is a lifelong journey and we're on this ride for quite a long time as sleep is our energy food and not 2be deprived of 'our twisted mindless drivel we seem to dribble into our own lives, only just as an added De-ssert; (to desert ours to the desert) to the day...sumtimes good, sometimes bad, sumtimes in between meals and sumtimes we just step away from the table for whatever reason...yes, i am snoreManizing again, so snorry...

    just remember to take a hop, skip and a bigOleap of a jump when a comment becomes a commentation exercise and not a twitterdeedooback2U in thes section of commentacommunication...

    it's just the nature of the beast and we're all not one of a kind...on this knoitall of an ark where only Adamindbender resides and anyone can be walking his plank from day2day. 2today.2tomorrow.2evenyesterday...ooops, catchin'meself ramblin'again...

    n'awayiblowsover...plop...hey! it's swimminglyfineintharwater,one canC4miles...
    now, comin' back upthar ropey ladder this analyzer.shmanalizer...
    better get on todays topic...matter of the day...

    as comments boxs have quite the max for characters in it's intentional tweetaboutit...
    ham-cheese-greenattimes'n' there's - - -

    "Too many windows lookin'inlookin'out. Especially the big ones, that's bares into a pirates'oul. Damn them. Damn them all to hell, for iadam me and youareU and this ship is ready for the 7seas. SAIL AWAY. forward.onward and upinmy ADAM headward."

    ( surmize only an opinion of a 'professor of this mindkind' developed when one happenstances upon a knaughtyNOTknot site and now look what you've done AdamUsleeperU...creating beings who never once existed!'ve created...

    Too many windows. now we're all lookin' inside out from your mind to ours, you've produced hellish nightmares. Damed good UR to be just !YOU!

    "If you weren't such a fucking prickle of a pickle, you'd be a decent person."...

    ( justanote for sleepy`Adamkins 'n friends ;)

  9. That second one is awesome. I keep a mental list of these that I say to myself when people piss me off.

  10. Second one reminds me of a nasty boss I had once who told me "If you weren't so charming, you'd be useless!" I quit, of course...(then got employee of the year at my next job...)
    Hope you two are enjoying your elephant honeymoon!

  11. Badgertastic blasting there Adam.

    For some reason though, I'm thinking I have probably used the second one on someone already. If not, I will be!

  12. The second one describes a few people I know very well! lol
    Welcome back Prof. Zzz!
    What better way to start a Badgertastic weekend than with some Sleep Talkin' Gems? Thanks K & A!!
    Sherri - Canada

  13. "We finally really did it. You maniacs! You blew it up! Damn you. God damn you all to hell." - Charleston Heston from Planet of the Apes the 1968 film, the last line in the film as the camera faded away from a half buried Statue of Liberty.

    oh please make that second one a ring tone!!!!

  14. What does Bollocks mean?

  15. Sorry Taintedx, but bollocks is English slang for testicles!

  16. I love it! I read it everyday to keep my spirits up!

  17. It is not testicles!

  18. Karen, you really saved us the cream!! These made me snort - both of them!

    Anon: "yeah windows are bullshit." snort!

    Anon @ 17:52 - ouch! The therapists need to record these for nighttime playback to let nasty bosses work it out in their sleep.

    Prof. Z - nice to see you! :)

    I love this blog.

  19. Thanks SO much for all of these little snippets of his dreamtime wanderings and musings. I haven't laughed so much in ages.
    Thank goodness he's a good sport....hilarious!

  20. After I recommended 'Sleep Talkin' Man' to a friend, he recommended 'Shit My Dad Says' to me. I was thinking people interested in STM might be interested in SMDS so below is the address. (I hope I am not breaking any blogging etiquette rules, if I am I apologize -I am not affiliated with either blog).

  21. bollocks [ˈbɒləks], ballocks US, bollix [ˈbɒlɪks] Slang
    pl n
    1. (Life Sciences & Allied Applications / Anatomy) another word for testicles
    2. nonsense; rubbish
    1. an exclamation of annoyance, disbelief, etc
    the (dog's) bollocks something excellent
    vb (usually foll by up)
    to muddle or botch
    [Old English beallucas, diminutive (pl) of beallu (unattested); see ball1]

  22. this guy is responsible for making my day EVERYDAY. <3