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Feb 28 2010

"Hold me. I want you to feel greatness."

"You certainly are incredible. A perfect example of genetics gone wrong. Now go stand in the corner and dribble or do something just as intelligent."


  1. " A perfect example of genetics gone wrong." LMAO!!! i love it!!! he is just too funny!!

  2. Please tell me the first one will become a tshirt!! XDDD
    I look forward to your tweets every day!

  3. The first one should be printed on boxer shorts. lol

  4. Prof. ZzzMAN-ylizer28 February 2010 at 10:22

    there the Great HE... goes again...
    ...patting himself on the back...and hugging himself so tightly [in his dreams!]
    HE can't stand it and loving every minute that his aura projects on his subjects...
    that's us, the waking humanologists

    "You certainly are incredible. A perfect example of genetics gone wrong"- - -
    mr. sleepyhead ;)

    "Now go stand in the corner" ...( as we all pitterpatter away - - -- - - --- - - - ----- . . .

    "and dribble or do something just as intelligent" a linedance section where HE
    could have a good visual of his subjects...
    ...and WE are funnyfacing at his dis--orderingly conduct ...this pull of w-ills, for the days breadinhishead
    }~8 ...Ha! ( ...dribble, drivel,, mr. smartypants ...weewee.peepee.teehee )

  5. How many punchlines does this man's brain contain!? :D :O

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  7. I would love to know who this person is who get to take all those insults X3

  8. i like the first one and also think it should be on a T lol

    ... actually... i like them both:) very funny... but the first one is my fav of the two.

    keep em comin adam.

  9. LOL Anon @ 9:38!

    Anon @ 12:41 - no, no, no.... YOU go debate it! Go on - go argue to your heart's content about why this is bogus. 'Coz that's what you're into - that's fun for you. :)

    I'm into lots of laughing and gobs of giggling and totally enjoying the vibe of these two lovely people who have been giving us so much opportunity to do just that. And I find them completely credible.

    People like you find that so intolerable as to warrant calling me and others like me soft-headed and worse. Boggles the mind. Go on, shoo - go argue with people who want to argue. Have fun! :)

  10. A post in two parts...

    Dear Anonymous at 28 February 2010 12:41

    Please go away.

    I am a critical thinker, as are many others here.

    As noted repeatedly here, and on the site you provide, sleep talking in numerous sentences, and with absurd statements, has been noted by any other number of people. While you may need 'proof' and ask how can I know that all those people aren't lying, I know because I've known more than one sleep talker.

    The site you listed seems to be a good one, but why you would post it here and encourage people to 'discuss' is fatuous. The last post there is over a month old. All the accusations that are lobbied there have been repeatedly (one might even go so far as to add 'ad nauseum') and patiently explained here, to the point of even having a FAQ included as well.

    To repeat (yet again) to the 'accusations'...

  11. Part two of two....

    Dear Anonymous at 28 February 2010 12:41

    - she started by writing them down, so there were less to start with
    - at first she felt audio would be invasive. Most people understand the difference between someone writing what you said, versus having themselves recorded. That said, because WE THE READERS kept asking, she did start posting audio to the most relevant quotes.
    - They did offer t-shirts, but this was also after WE THE READERS on a number of occasions requested them. We also requested a number of the other items such as coffee mugs. I believe the aprons and messenger bags are theirs, but the onesies were requested BEFORE they were offered. I requested nightshirts, which haven't appeared, but I still hold out hope.
    - One known aspect of humour is YMMV. We don't all share the same sense of humour, thank gods. WE THE READERS don't care if you don't find it funny. Go somewhere else for your laugh of the day and leave us alone.
    - A great number of WE THE READERS don't care if it is 'fake' or not, they find it funny regardless.
    - I am reasonably sure no one has put a gun to the head of a reader and demanded that they buy merchandise.
    - I am also reasonably sure no one bought merchandise 'just because it is real', I can state with almost complete assurance they bought merchandise 'cause they thought the quote was kick-ass funny.
    - *sigh* (or, for readers of the blog *soan*) It has also been explained, repeatedly, that they are not 'in advertising' in terms of 'selling stuff'. She works doing webstuff, he's an accountant type stuff for a firm. It would be like saying someone who works in a hospital is obviously a 'medical consultant' when what they do is balance the books, or mop the floor, or work in the gift shop.
    - Okay, so there is a media blitz about them. Grumble and change the station, wait five minutes 'til the news moves on to something else.

    So please, just... go away now.

    PS - Apologies to WE THE READERS for feeding the troll, but, I just felt that maybe all that needed to be restated. Okay, still no excuse to feed the troll, but, I'm only human.

  12. What was that??

  13. As a side note to the readers of this blog...

    I have no proof, only a suspicion.

    We have had an 'Anonymous' that has posted here, that likes using the condescending little 'hmmm?' at the end of a question. (Does Anonymous find this site annoying...Hmmm?) So, Trojan Jockey, who started the thread mentioned above by Anonymous, has as a title "Sleep Talking Man..Hmm?" He also is the author of 9 posts out of 33, including one on the last day of posts on the thread on January 23rd.

    Same person...Hmmm?
    Need a little attention do we... Hmm?


    Maybe they aren't the same person, but, they are kindred spirits in their need to get attention and troll.

  14. You Rock 2MW...Anon@12:41 needs to find more supporters of their clearly showing a cryout of (:I)

    1) IMMATATION is a sincere form of a flattery thing,
    this is The Original in it's Own Way,
    believe it or NOT is not important as what it
    OFFERS others that makes enjoyment what it is
    ( loss sight of this, have you guys? )

    2) JEALOSY, to find this a newer/older/reinvented
    subject to add to your repetoir, their site

    3) their noteworthiness is non-worthy for sure.
    To have to http:/ their info here
    ( without staying put in their own worldWW, cries
    of Desparation to CONTROL and a NEED to Convert,
    rice all up in the hot air within their own
    (wasted time wasted space, what a waste! is sure)

    4) full of DUH's who only know putdowns, NOT able
    to let lose from time to time, and travel here
    in stuffed shirts to rain on a interesting to
    them parade to add to their need of a subject
    category to promote BAD blood, that Do Not -
    FIT IN THEIR BOX - of social misfits, you brought
    this into yourselves for trolling over here!

    5) definitely thinking out of the box of reality
    hurts... that's...
    Humor, Fun, Enjoyable enjoyment of funtatsticos,
    Gut Splitting, Good Treats for a daily dose,
    therefore not on a SERIOUS note, this Site!
    Treasure not much, but themselves in their

    Oh Please, they need to get off the High Horse and
    Take in a belly laugh sometimes, critically
    thinking! that is.

    It'll be heathier in the long stretch of the mind where you do not own the only my way, so go to the highway, jackos, that is your own site, grab your own, and step into your own mud, the muddy waters here are JUST FINE and quite Dandy Candy, if we must say.

    6) Besides trying to use this site as a springboard
    to their n-gative ways of thought, embarassed to
    have given them attention and a reBUTTal to boot.

    7) ...! git, go SHOOOooo !!!

    8)...goodbye, GOOD LUCK,
    IT REALLY L@@K's like you'll be needy of... IT!

    9)...10)...Top Ten Reasons; better not said in a
    polite, sinfulway of course,
    here, JUST HERE!...

    Adam rules with delight, scrumptious . . .
    and one of a kind to make this AS it is, to ENJOY :)

  15. Claire here:

    Oh my, what has been going on?? Trolls?? From what I gather, from the comments, one said troll has tried to occupy our space on the bridge ...."who goes there?"....!! Anyway, looks like it's under control and he/she knows to go away because to stay here and bother us would make him a 'lonely cunt' which he/she probably is already anyway. (The regular's will appreciate 'Adam's' own phrase there!)

    As for the quote's for the day: love them both. I think Adam should get a job writing speeches for politicians 'cos they sure could make the masses feel worthlessly humble and wonderfully thankful that anyone would 'put up' with such lowly citizens!! We would be thankful for any attention that we could get from a person of such eloquence ;)

    I wonder what the "great Adam" and Karen are doing at the elephant retreat; maybe Adam has a shovel in hand and is 'cleaning up the dung'...can't wait to see the quotes they bring back!!

    Ah, legs in something quite disgusting...crap. Yes literally CRAP! (I've cracked it!! Feb 22nd's quote).....Adam must have been dreaming of his honeymoon!!

  16. I have been reading these for sometime and thought I would finnally post a comment.

    I Love them and cant wait to purchase certain Items for Family members

  17. "Hold me, I want you to feel greatness" is one of his best lines, ever.

  18. I enjoy the posts and the comments but I would think it reasonable to require commentors to provide identification. I signed up on gmail just to have attribution for my comments here.

  19. Thank you 2manywhiskers and Horse of another colour, well said.
    True or false, dreamt or concocted, what difference does it make if it makes people laugh? Maybe some people just want to stop in and be amused for a minute or two rather than spend their time arguing and debating and getting pissed off that they didn’t think of this first! If someone wants to buy a shirt or mug or anything at all with a random hilarious statement printed on it who but that person and their credit card company should give even the tiniest shit about it?
    I, for one, care not what the source of the random hilarity wave is but I will surf the hell out of it while it lasts!
    Sherri - Canada

  20. NewMexicanAnnie1 March 2010 at 05:01


    2manywhiskers: I LOVE reading your comments, especially this one. "Shoo!" FUNNY!!!!!!!! And yeah, I come here for laughs, giggles, and lots of fun.

    Karen and Adam: Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Annie, New Mexico USA

  21. He is hilariously proud of himself.

  22. With regards to the above debat on is it real or not. First, who cares? It's funny. Second, educate yourself before you start "The Debate". I'm sure it's hard for someone who hasn't experience this sort of thing personally to believe, but comming from a family of sleep talkers I can assure you that this in all likelyhood is true. My husband and I had many a laugh over the sleeping conversations of our 3 kids when they were very young.

    Alisha, New York

  23. Troyin17331 here
    Yea "hold me I want you to feel greatness" definatly t-shirt material I like the boxer idea too. ROTFL
    I wish I could get the audio but I can't on my phone and am scared to pull it up at the library. The first time I read threw these I had to keep wipeing my face a was laughing so much

  24. NMAnnie - Here's to laughs, giggles and lots of fun!!! :) :)

    And I really DO mean those smiles to Anon 12:41 - there is no sarcasm there. Arguing is really fun for some people. But it's not much for generating giggles. :)

    Troyin17331 - LOL!! at "scared to pull it up at the library"! Ohhh - to get some undercover video of the faces of librarians across the country as STM audio plays on the library computers...

  25. I don't know what you are like conscious but asleep you are a genius!

  26. troy:
    Most computers have a headphone jack; the one you use for phone or iPod etc. will work fine.

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