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Especially the desire to exterminate all vegetarians (but he does hate lentils.)


Feb 8 2010

"Thunder snowclouds... Watch out!"

"Tea bags, see? Better be careful with the tea bags. They're delicate creatures. Handle them with care."


Karen's note: Keeping it honest, Adam didn't make a peep last night. I borrowed from our honeymoon stock.

In shameless promotion news, I've added more anti-valentine's cards, mugs, t-shirts and other apparel to the shops. The speech-bubble versions of the t-shirts will be added later today.


  1. nothing too offensive this time. DreamKaren must have been at the market or something...

  2. I think the chunder bucket comment took its toll on him. :P

  3. Prof. ZzzMAN-ylizer8 February 2010 at 09:48

    Teabags for the ii's...he had quite a day yesterday and creepy crawlies are no where to be t'was only a dream...

    to sleep or not to sleep, s'more...he's trying not to watch out again, i imagine, peepin' through the weaves, it's snowing really; and everything sounded like thunder, only, it was just a sleep-hangover from yesterday once more --- to settle back into a deeper sleeper without a peep, according to Karen.

    At the end of the day, peaceful, a new day is what i think Adam meant to say...relief, no buggyboos about... an' I'm getting rusty...gonna fetch some oil, could use a shuteye myself just about now. goodnite to some, good Mooorning to others...boomboom out go the lights!!
    the prof.snorman, over and out,'n no analyzing tonight, it's all right... ... ...beatlejuiced.

  4. TeaBags lol; course my mind went dirty right off the bat lol.

    "In shameless promotion news" - lmao - I'm sorry, but I think that's even funnier than the archived sleeptalk ;-) Good One Karen!


  5. Haha

    Personally I think tea bags are evil beings not delicate creatures.

  6. Karen, do you have audio saved away of everything posted, or only the more recent stuff? And if you have everything, any chance that we'll get to hear it?

    (Personally, I'd love to hear "It's a deedoo" :) )

  7. Stuart: I have audio of almost everything since the beginning of December, when I bought the recorder. Of course, not all of the clips are good quality. It depends on which way his head was facing, whether the boiler was on in the background, all that sort of stuff.

    We aren't ready to put out audio of everything he says yet. I'll keep you guys informed, though.

  8. Prof. ZzzMAN-ylizer is clearly a fledgling AI, perhaps curious about this Human activity called "sleep". Possibly related to amanfromMars? A pre-cursor to the Eschaton.

  9. Hey, a thunderstorm in a blizzard can be a very scary thing. You get them out here in Wyoming, but my first one was in Flagstaff, AZ, many years ago. They're amazing, and fun!

  10. Tea bags are, indeed, delicate creatures. XD

  11. I would love to meet a delicate tea bag.... I've only met vicious tea bags :(

  12. LOL I love the tea bag one!

  13. Finally!! I'm not alone! Karen; have you ever tried talking back at him?! Hours of fun, or so I'm told... I'm always the one thats asleep!! This blog has brightened up my day!! Thanks, Corie

  14. Corie: I have never tried interacting with him, except to poke him a bit with my foot. Somehow, I'm still not ready to tamper with the content that he comes up with all on his own.

  15. anhishere, is everything delicious to you?

  16. who dat...the nutty prof. at it again....shhhhh, awake now....Artificial intelligence (AI) is the intelligence of machines and the branch of computer science that aims to create it...or was that, A highly advanced robotic boy who longs to become "real" so that he can regain the love of his human mother-SS visions...googledat...strange but true? ask...Eschaton.amanfromMars?! ... Austin Powers only knows best...

    .Oops. I did it again, baby. &be. yon.. c.e

    todays tool...

    yeh. yih. yo. yu. y

  17. @Karen S-L

    only things that rhyme with blunder.
    I have a very strict diet.

  18. note2self...notice that small'above is was on a spammin trip yesterday and today when i did sum ucwork... (translated) just

  19. I've been reading for a few weeks now but haven't commented. I am curious when the actual snow comment was made? Apparently there was thunder snow in the DC area with the blizzard this past weekend.

    Maybe with the "saved" sleep talking you could post the dates of the utterances, or have your friend that will be posting for you while you have a honeymoon put that info up.

  20. Thunder snowclouds, definately something to watch out for as others have posted.

  21. Please, please!...Can you sell a box of cards (maybe a dozen?) with assorted sayings. They are ALL too damn funny, I want them all!!

  22. Tea bags as delicate creatures...there's a good Brit for you!

  23. Weird.... last night I dreamed I got my complimentary maggot..... 7@=Q

  24. There's that gentle side - taking care of the delicate teabags. But who would have thought they might be evil, or vicious? I had a hard time getting my mind around baby pigeons being Evil Beings...

    Yeesssss - boxes of cards w/ assorted sayings - GREAT idea.

    LOL anhishere @ 17:09!!! I love this blog.

    Thanks as always, Karen and Adam. :) Laugh every day.

  25. omg - a whole new source of giggles!

    Go to the ringtones page.

    Using the little "play" buttons, click one, wait half a second, click another, wait, click a third.

    Depending on which ones you click and in what order..... verrrry funny!

  26. The mention of thunder snow is interesting. I don't think there have been any instances of this in the U.K. that I've ever heard of. I thought it was a weather feature found mostly in the U.S. midwest and southwest.

  27. I just joined this blog and like everyone else I am falling off my chair here laughing..thanks Karen for posting all this..we need this laughter today with all the crap that is going on...when I saw he is British I was thinking Scouser as that is me...LOL keep em coming...oh, and yeah I love the greeting card idea too....

  28. The teabag thing reminds me of a night my honey told me about. Apparently, in the night, I had sat bolt upright in bed, and shook him while saying, "Honey, you have to be careful! Be very careful! Some of your people parts are still made out of glass!"

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