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Mar 18 2010

"I want to see the piglets. Let me see the piglets. Why can't I see the piglets? Ohhhh, piglets! ...Fuck they stink! I want to go home now. Stinky fucking piglets."

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Karen's notes: No talking last night, so that one's a honeymoon leftover. And here are the park's piglets (which Adam had heard lots about, but not yet had an opportunity to visit when he said this):


  1. Cute stripey piglets. What breed are they?

  2. Aww that is so cute when he said 'Ohh piglets', like a little kid at christmas ^^

    We used to have pigs, ours didn't stink... they were cute as anything. But they did destroy the garden once or twice on nighttime rummagings!

  3. I don't know anything about the breed, but I did love their racing stripes! The mommy pig wasn't stripey at all. -Karen

  4. the mummy and daddy were brother and sister. so the stripes could have been a genetic mistake! still the park, being run by veggie's refuse to do anything with the pigs and piglets, so they will live out the rest of their lives in the park. i tried to convince them otherwise. bacon sarnies are the best way to start your day.

  5. Young wild pigs can often have different markings from their adult forms. They're a type of camouflage. Look up wild boar piglets for a (very cute) example. Pigs aren't the only animals to do this: young lion cubs are spotty!

  6. OMG it looks so horrible, i am not going to stop u seeing piglets, you can see your piglets, i really dont want to see these piglets,lol

  7. I love the piglets! So cute!

  8. Mmm, bacon! :D

  9. Strange how piglets stink but bacon smells sooooo gorgeous! XD

  10. Fresh Bacon! buy your own pig with cut-here-lines. It's easy! It's tasty! It's bacon!

  11. Piglets are indeed cute but stinky...and go great with apple sauce ;-)

  12. piglets in asia have stripes like that

  13. Prof. ZzzMAN-ylizer18 March 2010 at 14:42

    the first thing i saw was ...these look like watermelon (green) backs having a whaale
    of a good time together on a browny sunny day celebrating from yesterday feastivities (minus the dinner plate;)...well, watermelon backs for sure,

    from a far away country who are kissing cousins from the pinky-greywhite ones we are use to seeing here. Seeing them at a petting farm so long ago...i kinda recall them as adam 'sees' them, but then again...

    the whole Petting Zone was not so nosey-cosey, if ya know what i mean...snausaging...had to do facial scrunching exercises A LOT!

    (that how we started the snort-fazce at each other back then) (but don't do too-too
    much of can change your muscle structure feature in a baaad way i think and
    you may not be too recognizable tomorrow)

    ...and it looks like the piggies had a squealin'good time pulling the pork over
    sleepyAdam's eyes...he was blindsided on this one ---a dream he couldn't escape!

    . . . poooor adam...luuuucky piggy...doesn't have to go to the anyways
    and NO leftovers. - - -yet; as long as Karen
    may have her say.

    i gotta such a tickle and a laugh and a half on this remark "Fuck they stink!"...i just
    couldn't feel for s-adam, it was the new discovery reactions, that are priceless...

    --- to hear!...i could replay that part over and over...on repeat function if there was one.
    so i just point and play...better not slack anymore after the next long message

    reply im gonna send....skip skip skip Peo ples, i warning you...
    !!! skipper away now if you haven't already :)


    hello note to T & 2m>w<' for some tea & whiskey...that's chocolate...

    ... an early morning reply to yesterday's later nighter...greening again...'s become a bit of a mind exercise...the waking kind to Adams sleeping kind who started it all!...

    he's become quite the sharp knife in this drawer of fun tools to use, tapping into the secret to well-rounded success towards full circle laughs but not too much or we all fall down...

    so actually he has cracked the barrier of scientific brainisms to do just that,
    without even trying!
    like wandering in wonder, like wallops of it...

    only differences is i do a
    multitaskin-do-hickey-answer just on 'sky paper' to keep memind-o sharp as a tacky as can be for me funny bone, to add to my enjoyment to share too with...

    just like so many others already do; with AdamZzz-Talk said by the water cooler, another

    i just pen it out now and again, and then i later discovered what i may be diagnosed with in Google Space... (my new fun dictionary friend)

    --- it's called tall-tales exercises with any given subject (that is used in Toastmasters
    ...that's news to me)...but it exercises the mind, fingers then follow and teeth chatter...from ear2ear and it's shared too, that's about it thankyou's kudos to Karen and Adam for doing JUST THAT on their own busy time and its so much appreciated to bring back the laughs :O)

    like the Modern Day Laugh-in, cyber style.

    now, if only MORE people would Type out their Tall =P Tales - - - we'd all become tattletales and Adamsleepeeps! being the secret instigator...wink;) wink...i need a drink!...of course, choice of bubbly for more bubbly streams of
    Adamisms...lemonside uppers...

    a somewhat daily regimen we all have incorporated into our level of fun-tasy to slim down that bun in our oven if we stay tinkering the keys too long here, that's where music come into play...they go hand in hand - - -

    musings, music, messages, more manic everydaymonday mindfull mutterings and hark...

    ...i hear a boney M making it's Movement...m-m-m-ma baker ...boogie down...

    (after st. paddy wagon day ya'll)

    ( commentacommunication max is 4096 characters )
    ...part 2 to follow...

  14. Prof. ZzzMAN-ylizer18 March 2010 at 15:31

    [ part 2 :]

    i think i'm on something likean early roll
    of finger's for your entertainment, adam lambert more:

    WARNING: more reading from ( part 1 )...

    ps...awhile back i came across another fan twister i'll also post below....

    please...peo ples...are you still here?...just remember...i sooooo warned you of the
    eye strainin' don't say i didn't ;) More Loo reading ahead...for those that CAN stand in it...

    for the reading-time to's another take on Adamismizings...

    how can you tell i rarely twitter or such other...this is the only site i'm stuck on with as it would be a mountain of a molehill of info (like this! pile of funnies) and found it back then when

    Karen directed us to look at the fan photos back then on facebook to twitterdom...
    i better forewarn Rick/Tammi
    below for transporting it over here...hope they won't charge me :)

    " ( Using the quotes in conversation on twitter )
    1 post.

    Created on March 4, 2010 at 5:52pm

    " Rick Brogden Tammi and Rick's Sleep Talkin' Man Argument

    The "conversation" below is us taking The Sleep Talkin' Man's quotes and using them in argument form on a status I posted. Most are exact quotes. All are "spontaneous" picks by each of us according to what the last post was.

    We laughed all day." looks like it was in HTML and having a
    heck of a time as it won't transport over here much it seems and copy'paste won't do...
    but if one choses to
    check out the directive to the conversation
    above will say more along the trails of
    adamizing it in play...

    --- sooo, it's like a back where it starts flashback exercise in brainpower, have fun with it all, your style, your way,
    adamtistically wierding it out and
    wonderlanding at the same time, huh :))

    Let's do the Adam tongue roll --- on paper in the
    skyless blues on a sunny day everyday by creating it, time permitting...that's the fun part...if you have the time, kick in some rhyme and the rhythm follows is the followup to this storytelling...

    now, reading is another exercise,
    altogether...back to business in the real world now...;) my happyfix today...
    longer than i ever expected...
    so i better run along, and hide!!! too...

    catch me if you can; under the shamrocks...the movie...i'll be dancin' up a storm dust where there's no end in the comment, better thumb.twitter out...

    ( pss...i just noticed that new Journey, the group will be on Oprah today...FYI...)

  15. Evy said...

    "Fresh Bacon! buy your own pig with cut-here-lines. It's easy! It's tasty! It's bacon!"

    Hahahahaahha! Cut lines for bacon!

  16. Aww, haha, this is a cute one
    I've added this to my list of favorite Adam-quotes

  17. Bacon and parsnip soup comes to my mind. Mmmm

  18. I laughed so hard at this one - the realization of the stinkiness was great. =) I used to want to see the piglets at my grammas farm too, and the stink far out-weighed the cuteness.
    Thanks for the giggles again
    Melanie in Canada

  19. Canadian Top Cat18 March 2010 at 17:30

    Funny, I'm online looking for a low cal receipt for pork chops and I find this! I must have heard him in that "other" demension last night and now I have a craving. Damn you pork!

  20. It seems like Adam's articulation has become better over time. He is apparently getting better at this sleep talking business.

  21. This chap seems to think otherwise...

  22. Karen I don't know how you keep from cracking up when Adam does those little sing-song voices... LOL! Ohhh Piglets!

  23. Streaky bacon!

  24. Is it just me and my "waking-shrink" devotion to adams sleepin-mutterings?

    I'm starting to see a distinctive pattern in some of adam's nightly utterances...

    {nice SOMETHING, great SOMETHING, question about SOMETHING... fuck to hell that SOMETHING}

    SOMETHING being piglets, itchies, potatoes, and so on.

    (For me, this actually shows a certain efficiency in the dreaming process, yet quite structured)

    Well, ignore this boring theory at your pleasure, as you'd do if I sent it by email, lol.

    Cheers from Chile

  25. ^___^ Lol, I love how he goes "I wana go home now."

  26. this is the greatest audio ever

  27. To Tomas - I also think it's fascinating as well as incredibly funny. Patterns in the somethings, too - such as out of all the animals on earth, penguins and guinea pigs have featured twice. I keep waiting for the duck and kittens to show up again. Wonder if time passes in the subconscious? Maybe the kittens will be cats. :)

  28. this is the funniestttttttttttt